Winter Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Daphne Ed 13/07/2015

While winter can bring about some much needed cooler weather, it can become a nightmare for those with small children. Confined indoors and away from the park, beaches and play equipment, kids can quickly become impatient. If “I’m bored” has become the favourite two words in your kid’s vocabulary there are a few things you can do to keep them entertained and out of your hair. Here are just a few.

Bake up a storm

Kids love being the chef’s little helpers, whether it is cracking the eggs or simply helping with the cleaning up by licking the beaters. From cookies and cupcakes to pancakes for breakfast, there are plenty of options for those looking for some sweet treats. Prefer a healthy option? Make fruit sticks or muffins packed with healthy ingredients.

Add a bit of colour

Colouring is a fun, quiet activity that can keep kids entertained for hours. You don’t have to stick to colouring books either, fabric markers are a great option as you can grab some old clothes and create your own fashion show. Fashion shows can take up heaps of time as you can also set up the ‘stage’ and have an awards ceremony for best dressed or most colourful outfit etc.

Build a fort

A blanket is just a blanket until you throw it over a table to create your own wonderland. Building a fort can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Use a couple of blankets and cushions or bring down a mattress and create a haven to read stories, have a picnic or a movie night they will never forget. By including a mattress and some pillows, add to the excitement by allowing them to have a ‘camp out’ in the living room, chances are they’ll be asking you if they can go to bed instead of the other way around!

Be crafty

Arts and crafts are always a favourite with kids who love making a mess and creating something they can show off to their friends later. From the ever popular loom bands to more ‘out of the box’ ideas, from making the wackiest hat to building an animal with things they find around the home. For larger projects that require some team work, build your own car or boat using a large cardboard box and decorate it how you like.

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