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2015’s Hottest Bedroom Design Trends

These were the absolute hottest bedroom design trends of 2015.

At the year’s halfway point, we take a look at what has been happening in the bedrooms around the world. Trends evolve and change quickly, so we have listed the most enduring fashions thus far.

Seven bedroom trends

Planked walls using reclaimed wood to add a touch of authentic looking rustic charm to your bedroom. Alternatively, if you do not have the money or motivation to cover your walls, a headboard can bring your bed to life as well as protect your mattress.

Minimalism is in, with white walls, as little furniture as possible and clean uninterrupted lines. Designing bedrooms for people who view it as simply a place to recharge and then get on with their lives.

Blue has dominated the colourscape – all shades, all of the time. Perfect for tying into the Australian seaside lifestyle, blue has been a popular colour throughout the year and will only be more so as we get closer to summer’s clear skies.

Wallpaper was once seen as old fashioned with the image of bad joins and peeling corners fresh in the mind. However, wallpaper is back and bigger than ever. It has come a long way and is now easier than ever to hang perfectly without hiring a tradesperson.

Floral prints have been an ever present in style trends and this year is no different. Loose and vibrant water colours are favoured as they add a touch of unfussy elegance.

Mid-century flair is going strong, riding the wave of influence generated by the popularity of the TV series Mad Men. This trend is less about flower power and hippies, and all about clean lines, bold colours, and 60s panache.

Greenery comes into the bedroom and by adding some life to your space you can bring a sense of the outside, inside. A potted plant, a vase full of seasonal flowers, or renovating to make the room open out into the garden are just a few of the ways nature is being brought into the bedroom this year.

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