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Waterproof Mattress Buying Guide

Before you buy, check out our comprehensive guide to find the right waterproof mattress suited to you today.

Are you hunting for a new mattress? Have you considered a waterproof type? Whether you have kids, pets or enjoy sipping your morning coffee from the comfort of your bed, a waterproof mattress will be there to protect against any potential spills or messes. With a supportive frame and a quilted cover, it offers the same comfort as a traditional mattress with the bonus of being water repellent.

This comprehensive guide offers tips, tricks and valuable insight to ensure you find the perfect waterproof mattress for your sleeping needs.



Different Types Of Waterproof Mattresses

A repellent bed has two unique inner section options to suit different needs, but both are highly protective, durable and comfortable.

  1. 1. A Coiled or Spring Middle: A waterproof spring mattress is the most common type. It’s made with coils in the centre and covered with a waterproof cover. It is the more affordable option and generally comes with Bonnell springs, the first and most common spring on the mattress market. They’re breathable, comfortable and evenly distribute weight for a relieving sleep.

  2. 2. A Foam Middle: The other alternative is a waterproof foam mattress. Commonly made with a latex material, these beds are just as comfortable, supportive and protective as a waterproof spring bed; however, they’re more natural and the healthier choice out of the two. It’s better at absorbing motion and free of springs which means it doesn’t creak or disturb you while you sleep. Although, it’s typically more expensive than a spring waterproof mattress.

Innerspring vs Pocket Spring

If you’ve been searching for a new mattress, you’ve probably come across the terms innerspring and pocket spring. These are types of bedding found in the traditional spring mattress, hybrids and, of course, waterproof beds. Although they sound very similar, inner and pocket springs are uniquely different to cater to alternate needs.

Innerspring: This is the most traditional way of using springs in a mattress, and it’s also the more affordable option. It offers generalised support with a durable design of interconnected springs. However, it can sag over time as the springs loosen with wear – great though if you’re a stomach sleeper.

Pocket spring: While a pocket spring mattress offers the same comfort level as the innerspring, it provides more targeted support. It gets its name from the fabric pockets the springs are placed into before they’re attached to the bed for an even sleeping experience. Although the pocket spring commonly costs more, it’s got a lot of bounce and is excellent for individuals who sleep in tons of different positions.bedroom

Size Matters

Like every other mattress, a waterproof bed comes in different sizes, including single, king-single, double, queen and king. The size you pick depends on where you want to place the mattress and who it’s for.

  • – King 183 x 203cm

  • Ideal for families. If you’re looking for a spacious waterproof mattress that caters to your whole family, you should opt for a king bed.

  • – Queen 153 x 203cm

  • Perfect for couples. Only slightly smaller than the king, the queen mattress offers a lot more space than the double, ideal for spreading out by yourself or with a partner.

  • – Double 137 x187 cm

  • Great for a guest bedroom, teenagers or individuals. Spacious yet able to fit in tight spaces, the double size bed is a practical choice that’s affordable too.

  • – King Single 106 x 203cm

  • Perfect for children or small guest space. If your child has outgrown their single bed but isn’t quite ready for a double or queen, a king-single is a fantastic, space-saving choice.

  • – Single 92 x 187cm

  • Ideal for toddlers. If your baby has outgrown their crib, then you should consider choosing a single mattress. With lots of room available for future growth, it’s a fantastic long-term investment that leaves plenty of space for playing and creating memories in their bedroom.

Waterproof Mattress vs Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you’re considering a liquid-resistant mattress, then you’ve probably discovered you can also buy waterproof mattress protectors. Both have a resilient design that holds up under spills and messes; however, they’re both vastly different. Consider the following elements before deciding which one is best for you.

Unlike a waterproof mattress, a protector is a removable sheet cover placed over the top of any type of bed. Similar to the waterproof mattress, it’s meant to shield and protect against spills with the added bonus of being removable. So, you can simply place it in the wash to clean it.

However, unlike the mattress protector, a waterproof mattress is seal proof all around for the ultimate protection. It’s also more secure and doesn’t move around as a mattress topper can. Therefore, it’s commonly more comfortable and requires minimal maintenance. It is a long-term investment that allows you to save money in the long run.

If you are considering buying a protector rather than a mattress, consider buying two, so you have one while the other is in the wash. If you turn a lot in your sleep, you may want to avoid a mattress protector for your comfort.

Price Of A Waterproof Mattress

Mattress prices differ depending on the size, type, material and where you buy it from. You can purchase a custom bed for $5,000 and above, but quality versions that are just as supportive can cost as little as $100.

At MyDeal, we aim to bring our customers the best quality mattresses at affordable prices we know they’ll absolutely love. So, you can buy a waterproof mattress no matter your budget.

Consider A Warranty

Although this may seem like an obvious step, it’s usually an overlooked one.

It’s absolutely crucial your mattress comes with a warranty for your protection and the bed’s. If your mattress doesn’t have one, chances are, it’s of a poor standard that the seller doesn’t stand by. Therefore, you should always ensure your chosen mattress has a warranty with a minimum of five years attached to it.


Although there’s a variety of mattresses out there to choose from, a waterproof version is an excellent, long-term solution sure to ensure you feel comfortable and supported. Now that you have a better understanding of a waterproof mattress, you can find the right one to suit your sleeping needs.

Conveniently, MyDeal offers a wide selection of waterproof mattresses online. They’re affordable, comfortable and entirely Australian made and owned. Check out the range today and receive free shipping for your convenience.

If you’d like to explore other mattress options, MyDeal also has detailed buying guides for Memory Foam, Latex & Spring Mattresses.

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