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LaQ Construction Toys Basic 101 - 185pcs


LaQ Construction Toys Basic 101 - 185pcs

Introductory set for the LaQ construction toy set. Containing 185 pieces made up of 4 different LaQ blocks and instructions to create 46 different flat models.

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LaQ is a very simple, yet highly creative construction toy which offers an infinite possibility of creation from just 7 types of block parts (2 base parts and 5 joint parts). This is an ideal kit for LaQ beginners! A 185pcs kit with instruction sheets to make 46 interchangeable flat models using 4 types of LaQ parts in 10 fun colours. Instruction sheets show images in actual parts size.

The "Q" in LaQ is for the Japanese word "kyuu" which means sphere, and LaQ is completely unique in how the blocks can create spherical geometric shapes using a minimum number of parts. A sphere is the most infinite shape of all polyhedral objects, and LaQ is the ultimate block to explore the possibilities in creating from a child's imagination. LaQ pieces make a fun snapping noise when putting the pieces together. A child will know that the pieces are firmly connected with this snapping noise, and this SNAP! will encourage the child to continue creating a personal toy. Piecing together these parts are not only great fun, but helps a child learn how to concentrate through creative play. The amazing designs you can create full scale can be used as modelling materials for adults as well. LaQ is the ideal toy to bring out the genius in all of us.

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The specifics

  • LaQ Puzzle Model No BS101
  • 185 Individual Pieces
  • 4 different LaQ block types
  • LaQ helps children learn how to concentrate and use their imagination through creative play
  • Building geometric and three dimensional shapes with LaQ blocks teaches children logical puzzle solving
  • LaQ has been approved by the highest standards of educational professionals as a safe high quality educational toy
  • Real size instructional sheets for 46 models
  • Instructions to build Flat Models of:
  • Seven different dinosaurs
  • A Robot
  • Seven different vehicles
  • People
  • Fourteen different animals
  • And many more

Reference ID: AGE123

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