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Cooling Gel Dog Pet Mat Bed in 4 Sizes


Cooling Gel Dog Pet Mat Bed in 4 Sizes

Keep your four-legged friend cool this summer with their own cooling gel mat. They're safe, non-toxic, don't need to be refrigerated, and come in 4 sizes.

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Definitely in Australia, the summer can be truly hot and heavy for many people, it can be hard to find ways to cool down. But what about our pets? They also have plenty of natural hair, their fur and this can make the heat almost unbearable for our furry friends. You can get them shaved and groomed, but that won't guarantee that they will completely cool down in the heat. Get them an amazing cooling mat that they can lay and sleep on for their ultimate comfort.

These fuss-free mats do not need to be soaked in water or refrigerated. The pad simply provides a surface that, upon contact, feels cooler to your pet than his body. The special fabric also helps dissipate his body heat back out into the environment. Gel inside mat is nontoxic and harmless to your pet, should he accidentally puncture the mat. Includes free nationwide delivery.

The specifics

  • Gently brings down body temperature by absorbing body heat
  • Non-toxic so completely safe for your pets
  • Made from quality CMC (Thickener) + Polymere + Kathon (These ingredients are tested and guaranteed by the manufacturer as being "Food Grade 1")
  • Automatically cools when an animal lies on it and instantly reduces body temperature
  • No freezing required
  • No electricity or wires
  • Great for indoors or outdoors
  • Sizes & Dimensions: 
    • Small (40x30cm)
    • Medium (50x40cm)
    • Large (65x50cm)
    • X-Large (90x50cm) 

Reference ID: ABA000

Shipping Details

  • Please allow 7 - 14 days for delivery 

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