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Redarc In Vehicle Dual Battery Charger BCDC1240LV

Redarc In Vehicle Dual Battery Charger BCDC1240LV

Charge your primary battery while also maintaining an optimal charge for your secondary battery, with Redarc's charger. It features MPPT & has a LED charge indicator.

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REDARC's In-vehicle battery charger features technology designed to fully charge your batteries, regardless of their type or size. By providing a unique charging profile to each specific battery type, the REDARC in-vehicle battery charger is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge in your secondary battery. The in-vehicle battery charger also features a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, allowing you to deliver the maximum amount of power from your solar panels to your auxiliary battery.

This is about as good as gets for a dual battery system solution, with many four wheel drivers and people towing a vehicle set up with 2 different battery technologies (start battery being lead acid) and the auxiliary battery being another, say AGM, it is difficult to get long life or full charge our of the second/auxiliary battery. This is the solution, the BCDC1225LV is a battery isolator and a 3 stage battery charger in one Isolating the start battery with the ignition off and a boost, float and absorption charger. This unit will also compensate for low voltage wiring to it and the auxiliary battery does not rely on the alternator to receive it's charge rate which in a lot of cases is not the optimum anyway, So if you need more battery capacity from your system consider this as an alternative you may have enough, just the auxiliary battery may not be getting it's full charge. This unit also features MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar regulator for connecting in with a solar panel system as well.

The specifics

  • Redarc In-Vehicle Dual Battery Charger - BCDC1240LV
  • Multi stage charging styles (selectable) for best charging of different battery types
  • Will operate in up to 80 degree C temperatures (ideal for under bonnet mounting) + over temp protection
  • Input voltage over and under shutdown
  • Reverse connection (polarity protection)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current Protection
  • Led indicator for charging status and battery type selected
  • Sealed case suitable for marine and mining applications where dust is a problem
  • Selectable solar regulator mode
  • Red illuminated display:
  • Great for your Dual Battery setup
  • Can move the gauges into a vertical position or horizontal position
  • Range - 0 - 30 Volts
  • Flush mountable for easy installation
  • Specifications:
  • Output Current: 40amps (MAX)
  • Output Power: 600w (MAX)
  • Min. O/P Battery Volts: 4.2V
  • Weight: 680g
  • Dimensions: 150W x 120L x 37Hmm
  • Standards: CE, C-Tick, AS/NZS CISRP11:2004
  • Charging Specifics:
  • GEL/AGM batteries = 14.5v (max) 13.3v (float)
  • Standard lead acid batteries = 14.9v (max) 13.3v (float)
  • Calcium type batteries = 15.3v (max) 13.3v (float)
  • Contents:
    • 1 X 80 AMP 12V Changeover Relay
    • 1 X Relay Holder with Cables
    • 3 X 6mm Joiners Terminals
    • 2 X 4mm Joiners Terminals
    • 3 X 6mm Shrink Wrap
    • 2 X 4mm Shrink Wrap
    • 1 x Double Volt Gauge
    • 4 x Mounting Screws
    • 4 x Blue Spade Terminals
  • 2 Year Warranty

Reference ID: AGZ930

Shipping Details

  • Please allow 7-14 business days for delivery
  • We ship across Australia, including major cities like: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle and the Gold Coast
  • At it is our top priority to provide customers with a secure and enjoyable shopping experience. If there are any problems with your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us and our friendly Customer Support Team will assist you promptly.
  • This product includes a 2 year warranty

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