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Don’t Forget Comfort When You’re Having Fun With Our Premium Kayaking Seats

There are two kinds of people: ‘waterbugs’ and the ones that are apparently missing out. ‘Waterbugs’ need no excuse or reason to be in or around water, be it a swimming pool, lake, ocean, bathtub even. With all these beautiful rivers and lakes in Australia, it’s very difficult not to go kayaking and then eventually jump in the water for a while to just splash around. Just as fun as that is though, have you ever thought of what it’s doing to your back?

Paddling the kayak for hours can leave your whole body sore for a few days, but that soreness goes away. What doesn’t go away or show up immediately either is the long lasting effect of the soreness. Paddling the kayak for hours with no back support can be detrimental to your back, but that doesn’t mean you stop kayaking all together.

Sit Down And Enjoy The Water

Our durable and lightweight kayak seats for sale are designed for you to be able to kayak peacefully for hours without having to worry about your back all that much. Our thermoformed seats are soft and comfortable and keep your back supported at all times. They are easily attached and detached to the kayak with their adjustable back straps and non-slip surface to ensure no accidents.

The products also feature a detachable waterproof storage bag for you to put your essentials in and keep safe while on seat.
Shop online and receive a 12-month warranty on the product, although you can rest assured you won't have to use it. The product is priced at $41 after a 40% discount so buy it today and start preparing for a summer by the lake. We deliver across Australia within 7-14 business days depending on your exact location. For more information call or write to us and we will respond promptly.