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WattStopper USB Surge Protection Power Board


WattStopper USB Surge Protection Power Board

The Kelly Company

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Eliminates standby power wastage by automatically switching off computer peripherals, surge protection, saves energy ,amp; reduces electricity costs ,amp; fire risks ,amp; easy setup without tools

The specifics

  • WattStopper,trade; - USB Controlled Energy Saving Power Board for Computer Peripheral Equipment
    • Model No: ESB-002
  • Switched OFF? - Simply turning off the PC or laptop computers does not turn off the computer peripheral equipments such as modem, printers, scanners, moniter, speakers and fax machines and they add ,quot;stand by,quot; power charges to the electricity bill.
  • Switch to USB Controlled Power Board that automatically switches off all peripherals connected to the PC or laptops
  • Features:
    • Energy Saving: The WattStopper,trade; eliminates ,lsquo;standby,rsquo; power wastage by automatically switching off computer peripherals, thus extending equipment operating life in addition to significant savings on electricity costs.
    • Purchase Price Recovered: The WattStopper,trade; quickly recovers its purchase price by reduced electricity usage.
    • Power Surge Protection: The WattStopper,trade; provides 24hr protection against damaging power surges.
    • Easy Set Up without Tools: The WattStopper,trade; takes only a few minutes to set up without the need for special tools or computer software.
    • Reduced Fire Risk: The potential risk of equipment overheating and electrical fire is reduced by the use of the WattStopper,trade;
    • Electrical Safety compliance (Approval No- V07946): AN/NZS 4251.1:1999, AS/NZS 3197:2005, AS/NZS 60950.1:20 Incl Amdt 1 and Selected Clauses of AS/NZS 3112 , AS/NZS 3100
    • Extends equipments operating life
    • 24 hour protection for connected equipments against power surge and spikes
  • Product Specifications:
    • Voltage Rating: 230V -240V AC 50Hz
    • Current Rating: 10A
    • Cord Length: 1m
    • Maximum Energy Dissipation: 449.4 Joules
    • Response Time: ,lt; 1 Nano Second
    • Maximum Current Spike: 13,500 Amps
  • Easy Setup Process
    • Step 1: Turn ,ldquo;OFF,rdquo; the PC or Laptop and all other equipment that is intended to be connected to the USB Controlled Power Board
    • Step 2: Connect the USB-plug from the USB Controlled Power Board into an available USB-slot on your PC or Laptop
    • Step 3: Connect the power plug from your PC or power adapter from your Laptop to a 240 volt power outlet.
    • Step 4: Connect the power plug from the USB Controlled Power Board is a 240 volt earthed power outlet.
    • Step 5: Connect monitor, printer, scanner, modem or lamp into the 5 outlets marked ,lsquo;SWITCHED,rsquo; on the ESB-00.2 All items connected to the ,lsquo;switched outlets,rsquo; will be turned on and off when you turn on and off your PC or Laptop
    • Step 6: If a piece of equipment is required to be on standby plug it into the outlet marked ,lsquo;CONSTANT POWER,rsquo;, maybe used for a fax machine or modem
    • Step 7: Turn ,ldquo;ON,rdquo; the power for the USB Controlled Power Board and turn ,ldquo;ON,rdquo; your
      PC or Laptop
    • Step 8: The USB Controlled Power Board is now ready for use with your PC or Laptop
      and the connected peripheral equipment. You are now ready to eliminate
      wasteful stand-by power usage and immediately save on your electricity bill

Reference ID: AAY084

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  • This product includes a 12 Months Warranty

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