Closet Ideas To Organise your Clothes

Alana T 28/09/2015

Maintaining an organised clean closet when you are a working mum or live a busy lifestyle can seem like a daunting task. A messy closet can affect your mood by creating stress or reducing motivation. There is no doubt that not finding your clothes when you need them can ruin your day (or cause you to throw a tantrum). Furthermore, it can make your room look messy and small. Luckily, there are ways you can organise your clothing so it looks like you have a designer closet whilst maintaining a clean closet with ease.

A Closet with Many Compartments

The actual wardrobes you have can highly affect the way you organise your clothing. Old bulky wardrobes that have no compartments can make it difficult for you to sort and optimise space. Investing in a modern wardrobe that is built to use less space and incorporates compartments is the easiest way for you to achieve organisation.

Consistency in Hanger Colours

Replacing all your hangers with one colour will immediately appeal to the eye and de-clutter your wardrobe. Any hanger will look good as long as it is consistently used. You can buy them according to your price range with metal hangers being the cheapest and wooden being the most expensive. Purchasing hangers in packs is cheaper and more efficient.

Organise According to Product

Organising clothing according to type will look clean but it will also make it easier for you to find clothing. Research colour coordinated closet images to get ideas on how to store clothing in a way that is easiest for you.

Colour Coordinate your Closet

Once you have organised your closet according to type, organise those sections according to colour. The best way to achieve this is by ordering clothes from white to black.

Get Rid of Clothes you Don’t Wear

This is the most important tip to de-cluttering your closet. Periodically you should go through your clothes and throw out pieces which you never wear. This will assist you with staying on trend and finding clothes which you actually want to wear.

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