Three Easy Steps To Get Your Garden Looking Splendid For Summer

Jack Trainor 30/08/2016

It’s still cold but we are starting to get a glimpse of spring as August draws to a close. Morning dew and frosty windscreens are becoming a thing of the past as the sun battles to make itself seen. With that in mind, we start to turn our attention to the home and garden. More and more weekends are spent spring cleaning and getting gardening jobs accomplished.

Getting those jobs around the home and garden done can be a time consuming process, unless you hire someone else do it for you. Even then, it can cost you a fortune to hire a professional, so you decide to do it yourself but find yourself staring at the overgrown wilderness your garden has become over winter with no real idea of where to start or what to do.

If this is you then you’ve come to the right place, here are some easy to follow steps on how you can whip your garden into shape and get it looking splendid for summer:


Keep It Clean & Get Rid Of Any Unwanted Plant Life

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To get your garden looking great you may have to start by removing weeds and any unwanted plant life obstructing your path to beauty. Throughout winter we avoid going outside to where it is cold. This gives much of our plantlife, including trees, bushes, shrubs and grass, the opportunity to become overgrown, rotten or dead. Whilst this can be very uninspiring for anyone, it’s good to tackle anything unsightly head on. By throwing yourself into the thick of your garden and removing those plants that are holding you back, you’ll be able to visualise your new garden design.

Mother nature can often be challenging and may turn your garden transformation into a difficult task. In order to clean your garden as best as possible, you’ll need the assistance of some gardening tools. Lawn mowers, garden shears, leaf blowers and wood chippers are the usual tools for the job, but if you want the finesse of a professional you need the help of some more refined tools. Garden edgers and brushcutters for example give you the control to keep your lawn looking perfectly in shape.


Refresh It With New Flora

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Once you have cleared the way and removed the unwanted fernery from your garden, it can be left looking bare. It’s time to refresh with some new plant life. Trees, flowers, fruit and vegetable plants can be used to brighten up your garden and add a special feel to any backyard. You can customise your backyard, your way with an array of different colours, smells, sizes and species. By using a mix of plants and garden features you can create an impressive scene for guests.

If you want to make sure your landscape is something to behold then you’ll definitely need to make sure that your garden soil is fertile and up to scratch. The soil you plan to grow your flora in is very important as it is an essential part of plant life. Without soil, your plants will not be able to obtain the nutrients they need to sustain life. Preparing your soil is made easy through the use of cultivating tools. Not sure what a cultivator is? Take a look online as there are many simple to use garden tillers for sale. They prepare soil for seeding and can really help your plants to grow by turning soil and evenly dispersing fertilizer to get rid of any unwanted weeds.

There is another great tool that can help you to prepare soil are garden hoes, especially if you’re growing fruit or vegetable plants. There are some great rotary hoes for sale online that can help you succeed in growing healthy plants by decreasing soil crusting and enhancing crop emergence.


Create A Space Where You Can Admire It’s Beauty

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After you have finished removing any pest plants and planted for an exciting, new landscape, it’s time to create an area where you and your family can sit and admire the scenery without interrupting nature.

Whilst you may not have decking or a paved area, you can create a welcoming space without taking up too much space. With a compactor plate, you can turn a dirt area into the perfect place for a table and chairs, a bench seat or a pathway. Simply lay out some gravel and use your compactor to smooth and tighten the surface so that it not only adds a smooth finish to your yard but is completely functional.

Give your garden the edge this summer with these easy to follow steps in creating a breathtaking backyard your friends and family will be sure to love. With the help of some handy garden tools you’ll be able to get in touch with nature like never before this spring.

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