Carry Less By Carrying A Charging Phone Case

When you’re about to head out and you realise your phone is going to die, all the excitement turns to frustration. Getting in touch with people you’re supposed to meet, finding your way around, checking what time the next train is, all becomes very difficult. We could carry a power bank, but it’s so bulky. Carrying a power bank also means having to carry the charging cable. Where do you keep it? Can’t squeeze it in your pockets, a handbag would sometimes be too small and you don’t want to carry a backpack just for a power bank.

This trending product solves all those concerns. Is it a phone case or is it a power bank or is it both? These sleek looking products do in fact carry a lot of power. Attach it to your iphone 4s as a case, and with the click on one button allow it to also charge your phone. No wires needed and no extra devices needed either. You no longer have to carry extra items you don't want to carry and instead have everything on the go in your hand.

Battery Case For iPhone and Samsung Available Online

Priced between $45 and $49 (after up to 55% off) - these products make travelling and going out with an iphone or Samsung that much more hassle free. We provide delivery services all across Australia, including regional areas and metro cities. Allow for 7-10 business days for shipping depending on your exact location. For more information call our customer service teams, we are always happy to help.

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