MyDeal has a huge range of single mattresses at our online Australian shop at prices that are sure to surprise you – take a look at our selection of bedroom mattresses today! When you wake from your slumber in the morning, do you feel well-rested? Or do you curse the day you bought your current bed setup? If you are looking for a solution to back and neck issues brought on by bad sleeping support, MyDeal have the answer! A bad bedding setup can lead to innumerable health issues, both physical and psychological: • Lumps and sags in old and bad-quality products can lead to aching muscles and chronic back pain • In older beds, because of the huge build-up of dirt and dust within, it can bring on allergies or if you’re susceptible, asthma symptoms • Sleeping patterns can become worse and insomnia may even occur (when you toss and turn for hours and just can’t seem to get comfortable!) • Due to a worse sleeping pattern/insomnia, tiredness and fatigue can flow into your day which may well affect your mood Do any of these ring a bell? Perhaps it’s high time you ordered something new. With so many different materials and dimensions to choose from, you are certain to find exactly what you and your body need to feel rejuvenated and refreshed when you open your eyes every morning. Whether it’s a high density foam, a pocket spring, or even a latex setup you’re looking for, we can cater to your needs. You’ll find our prices are superbly affordable, and the ordering process we have is wonderfully easy – in no time at all you’ll be catching up on your Z’s without a care in the world. You won't find deals like this in other stores. Fall in love with sleep again with one of our bedding solutions, also available a variety of other sizes including king and queen size.

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