Durable Universal Phone Chargers For All Phone Types

Having trouble charging your phone? The USB wire is loose? The coating on the outside has started to peel off and you can see the inside slowly falling apart too? Have you tried sticking it back together with tape but it doesn’t hold it for long? Every time you plug it in, you hear the sound of electricity passing through and sometimes even feel the static when you just touch your phone? None of these are good signs. You could risk damaging your phone batter, it is definitely time for a replacement.

Shop online for durable phone chargers. We have a range of wall ports that have both normal socket heads as well as USB ports so you can charge several devices at a time. We also offer rapid double-speed USB charging cables, USB surge power boards and 3-In-1 kits for car, wall mount and USB charging. We have products for users of iPhone 4 and above as well as micro USB cables for Android phones.

Keep Your Phone Powered Up At All Times

All priced between $19 and $37 with up to 63% discounts, these offers won’t last much longer. If not for yourself and you know of a friend or family member that really needs a new charger, this is your chance of saving money by shopping online. Our products are shockproof, water resistant and durable and accompanied with a 12 month warranty to safeguard the interests of our customers.

Order online and receive your delivery between 7 and 14 business days depending on the exact location. We deliver all across Australia.

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