Great Deals On Trending Mobile Phone Handsets To Suit Your Phone

Are you one of those people who misses talking on the phone, like in the old times? When phones used to be bigger and bulkier and you actually felt like there was a phone in your hand as opposed to the phones these days? The whole experience of gripping the middle of the phone with your whole palm and having the speaker bend forward all the way to your lips is nostalgic.

This phone handset range will fulfill your desire of having an old school retro phone once again. Instead of connecting your headphones, connect this product to the jack on your phone and have the old fashioned “English Telephone Booth” experience when talking. Ranging between $24 and $34, there are a variety of colours: yellow, green, pink and red. You can even save with options of buying three sets together for a mere $34. With swirly wires that self-expand, you can leave your smartphone in your pocket and just use this product while talking.

Surprise Your Parents With A Retro Gift

This product would also make a great present for friends and family, especially parents that keep complaining that the speakers on their smartphone aren’t loud enough and they miss the landline or the bigger phones because they are more used to them.

Order online today and save. We provide delivery options all across Australia in regional areas and metro cities with differing shipping times. Contact our customer service team for more information.

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