Suitable For International Travellers: Universal Tablet Chargers

One of the challenges of a job where one has to travel a lot could be finding the right adapters to be able to charge your devices abroad. Every country has different kinds of plug points and sockets. Not all hotels provide converters, which makes charging your phone, laptop and tablet all very inconvenient. Even if not for travellers, in our own homes it sometimes becomes a task to be able to charge all our devices because we all have so many and they all need the same USB connector.

With this range of tablet wall chargers on sale, you will not have to pick your favourite and charge only that. You can plug in up to 4 USB connectors into one socket and charge all your devices at once. Our products include wall mounting chargers as well as car chargers with dual USB connections so you don’t have to fight for the charger when travelling.

Keep Your Tablets Powered Up At All Times

Ranging between $20 and $26, these products are bound to make charging easier for all. Finding a USB cord for charging is easy, but finding a wall mount is difficult. An Apple or Samsung wall mount charger might cost anywhere between $50-$100 while doing the same job. Shop online and save.

Order yours today and have it delivered to your doorstep within 7-14 business days - all across Australia. We provide shipping services in metro cities like Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and more, as well as rural areas. Contact our customer service teams for more information on our products and shipping. Your feedback is duly appreciated.

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