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Record All Your Favourite Live TV Shows On Our DVRs

Do you live in a home where everyone wants to watch different things? Someone wants to watch a cooking show, someone wants to watch the match, someone wants to watch cartoons, and it’s a fight because they’re all on at the same time? Or are you one of those that wants to watch a match but it’s on too late in the night and you have to wake up for work the next morning? Watching things online means having to wait for it to buffer and hope it doesn’t stop in the middle because of a slow internet connection.

What if we said you could record the live show or match while it’s airing and then watch it at a later time? Take turns everyday and let one person watch live, while the others can record their shows and watch them once you’re done. Get a good night’s sleep while a machine records the match for you so you can come home the next day and watch it at peace.

Never Miss That Show Again

With affordable digital tv recorders, you can do all that and much more. With an inbuilt 500GB memory space, this product can record upto 500 hours of air time until you need to erase some memory and make space for more. The product also comes with inbuilt WiFi so it can stream videos online without having to connect a laptop to a TV. It also plays and writes DVD and Blu-Ray DVDs so you can watch movies or burn CDs with your recorded shows. Fast forward the advertisements, rewind scenes you missed and pause when you have to- watch live TV like it’s a movie.

This all-in-one entertainment unit is priced at $409 and cleans up all the devices on your counter. With a 12 month warranty, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. We also offer delivery services all across Australia within 7-14 business days depending on the exact location.

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