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Shop Our Professional Range of Spray Tan Machines for Home Use

If you are a spray tan professional or an individual wishing to achieve a glow, we have equipment to accommodate you! Our range will help the user achieve an airbrush finish in the comfort of their home. This range is portable and easy to pack up and take with you. Our range helps women. Perfect for commercial makeup artists who own mobile tanning salons, we offer discounts to make it available to any individual. It features leading market brand ROXTAN with HVLP functionalities. 

Get the Best Spray Tan with Mobile Spray Tanning Equipment

Pair the equipment with your choice of solution and you are on your way to a flawless tan. Skip the expensive tanning salons and get a cheap spray tan at home to achieve the look you desire. The products come complete with instructions, enabling you to create a DIY booth. Avoid harsh UV rays and sunburn by going fake. Buy a tan solution and a machine from our range to avoid chemicals.

Want to learn how to spray tan? Read our article on how to get the perfect spray tan from the comfort of your own home.

If you wish to know more about our spray tan machines for sale, please contact us via our online contact enquiry form. We offer free shipping on many of our products if you live in Australia.

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