Our Great Smiths Machine Range Will Have You Active Again

Train in the comfort of your own home with a Gym Smith Machine from our range. This machine acts a self-spotting device, so you can secure the weight at any point with no fear of falling or dropping the weight. This machine makes your exercise routines a lot safer and more effective for those who like to workout alone. They’re the ultimate machine when requiring a safe and controlled training environment when you really want to push your limits! You simply twist your wrist back in order to lock the barbell in place in the event that the weight becomes too heavy. The machine does not move forward, back or sideways so you require less stabilisation and can increase your lifting weight. Due to the nature of the machine, lifters are able to lift more weight if they desire to do so.

We Will Ship Your Fitness Essentials To Your Door

Our machines are a compact linear bearing machine that has a lat pull-down attachment and a back row pulley attachment. They're compact in size to help save you space when setting up inside a room. The compact design allows you to train and achieve maximum range of motion. The linear bearing on the solid steel smith system will ensure you have smooth movement in your exercises without the smith jamming or jerking mid-exercise. With the use of Exercise Equipment, you can further increase the intensity of your workouts. We ship our products to addresses located all over Australia, including major cities like Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

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