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Flannelette Sheets Buying Guide 

If you’re starting to feel the chill of winter, you’re not alone. As the nights get colder, you might find your regular bed sheets aren’t quite warm enough. Instead of layering on the jumpers, blankets and pillows, consider buying flannelette sheets. 

Flanelette sheets are the ultimate sheets for the cooler months. Warm, cosy and super soft, there’s nothing better than hopping into bed with flannelette sheets on a winter’s night. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of flannelette sheets and what to look for. 

What are Flannelette Sheets?

Flanelette, also known as flannel, is made from cotton or a cotton blend. What makes flannelette sheets different from regular cotton sheets is the brushing process. This is what gives flannelette sheets that soft and fuzzy feel.

Are Flannelette Sheets Warmer?

When it comes to winter bedding, flannelette sheets are the go-to. The brushing process creates a raised surface that is soft and fuzzy. The fibres create air pockets that trap body heat, keeping you snug and comfortable even on the coldest of nights. Their insulating properties make them a perfect choice for winter and for those who tend to sleep cold. Flannelette sheets also tend to be made from heavier and thicker fabrics compared to other bed sheets, which offer better insulation.

Benefits of Flannelette Sheets

Insulating Warmth
Because flannelette sheets go through a brushing process, they create air pockets to help retain body heat. 

Softness and Comfort
The brushing process gives flannelette sheets a soft, velvety touch, making them feel luxurious and comfortable.

Despite flannelette sheets being warm and insulating, they are still breathable and allow for air circulation. Not only that, but flannelette sheets are moisture-wicking and help regulate body temperature to prevent overheating. 

Flannelette sheets are known for their durability. With proper care, they can handle regular use and maintain their softness and quality over time.

While they offer plenty of benefits, like all sheets, flannelette sheets have their disadvantages. Flanelette sheets especially those made from synthetic materials can be too warm for some people, especially those who tend to overheat at night.

Flanelette sheets can also shrink after washing–however, those made from a cotton blend will not. Lastly, flannelette sheets tend to pill, especially cotton polyester blends. With proper maintenance, this can be avoided. 

What are the Best Flannelette Sheets?

Not all flannelette sheets are created equal. Ultimately, what you choose will come down to your preferences and budget, but there are a couple of things to look out for. 

Material and Blend
Typically, the best material for flannelette sheets is 100% cotton. Since cotton is a natural fibre, it allows for better airflow and breathability, moisture absorption and temperature regulation, while remaining soft and warm.  Another popular and budget-friendly option is a cotton polyester blend, which offers a balance of comfort, durability and easy care. With the natural breathability of cotton with the strength and wrinkle resistance of polyester, cotton polyester flannelette sheets are long-lasting and durable. Cotton polyester blend flannelette sheets are often more affordable compared to 100% cotton. 

Do Flannel Sheets Have a Thread Count?

The phrase ‘thread count’ is thrown around a lot, but it is not all that relevant for flannelette sheets. Instead, the quality of flannelette sheets is determined by their weight, which is measured in grams per square metre. Generally, the higher the GSM, the higher the quality and the warmer the sheets will be.

What is a Good GSM for Flannel Sheets?

For optimal warmth, look for flannelette sheets with a GSM of at least 170 or higher. If you’re after more breathable and lightweight flannel sheets, a GSM lower than 170 is sufficient. 

How Long Do Flannelette Sheets Last?

High-quality flannelette sheets are known for their durability. Those with strong stitching and a higher GSM are more likely to withstand repeated use and washing, so you can sleep snug for winters to come. 

How to Wash Flannelette Sheets

When it comes to taking care of your flannelette sheets, make sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Also, make sure to wash your sheets separately or with similar colours and use a mild detergent to maintain their softness. Avoid washing in hot water as this may cause your sheets to shrink. 

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