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How to Organise Your Makeup and Toiletries

If you love makeup and beauty, chances are you have a lot of products. As the collection grows, it can be easy to let organisation slide by the wayside.

Why Organise Your Makeup

When it comes to makeup, skincare and other beauty products, proper organisation is necessary. Not only will this help you find what you need and avoid the inevitable ‘oh, I forgot I had this!’, but organisations can make sure your makeup and beauty products stay hygienic. If organising doesn’t come naturally or you’re wondering how to organise your beauty products, we’ve got you covered. In the article, we’ll explore how to organise your makeup and toiletries, from foundation to skincare to fragrances.

How to Organise Makeup and Skincare

There are plenty of different ways to organise your makeup and skincare. With a well-organised system, you can easily find your favourite products and maintain a clutter-free space.


Before you dive into organising your collection, start by decluttering your makeup and beauty products. It’s always a surprise to find out how much you really have. Sort through everything and get rid of products that have expired, dried out, run out or products you no longer use.

Categorise & Group

Organise your products by their category–for instance, face makeup, eye makeup, lip products, skincare, haircare, brushes and tools, fragrances and general toiletries like deodorant.

You may also want to think about how often you use each product to decipher how accessible it should be. For instance, if you wear foundation daily and use the same cleanser each day, you could create an everyday drawer just for everyday products. 

Label & Sort

You can take your organisation a step further by labelling your containers and compartments to help you find products quickly. Use labels or markers to identify categories or specific items. For example, label an area ‘skincare’ or ‘face makeup’ or ‘everyday wear’.

Decide Where to Keep Your Makeup and Beauty Products

Think about where you usually put on makeup. Is it in your bedroom or your bathroom? This will help you decide how to organise your makeup. Store your products in the room you use them. 

How to Organise Makeup With a Vanity Dresser

If you prefer to do your makeup in your bedroom, a dressing table is key! Not only are dressers versatile with plenty of drawers and tabletop storage, but there’s something kind of luxurious about having your own little beauty spot in your bedroom.

You can use drawer dividers and containers to sort out your makeup and beauty products and display your fragrances on your dresser. if you don’t have the space for a dressing table, opt for the bathroom.

Choose Your Storage

Once you’ve decluttered your makeup, it’s time to get organised. Consider the size of your collection and the space you have available. Here, we’ll discuss a few storage ideas for sorting and organising your products.

Storage Containers & Boxes

Makeup stands and storage containers, such as acrylic organisers or clear plastic drawers, are popular choices for makeup and beauty products. These containers allow you to see all your products, making it easy to find what you need. Look for containers with different-sized compartments to store different products and tools, like brushes, lipsticks, and palettes. Consider stackable options to maximise space.

Makeup Bags & Cases

Makeup bags and cases are ideal for on-the-go storage and travel, but also a viable option for home. Look for bags with compartments, dividers and built-in brush holders to keep your products separate and prevent them from getting damaged.

Drawer Dividers

If you prefer a clean and clutter-free vanity, drawer dividers are a great option. Whether you keep your products in your dresser or bathroom drawers, drawer dividers allow you to separate and categorise your make-up and toiletries. You can find dividers specifically designed for lipstick, brushes, skincare, etc.

Wall-Mounted Storage

If you have limited space, consider wall-mounted storage solutions. Wall-mounted shelves, magnetic boards, or hanging organisers can be great options for displaying and storing your makeup products while keeping them within reach.

Shelves & Makeup Trolleys

Shelves are practical and a way to showcase your makeup and beauty products. Organise your shelves further by using storage boxes to keep your items organised and easily accessible. Look for boxes with dividers or compartments to separate different products and prevent them from getting mixed up.

Makeup trolleys are another great way to organise your makeup. With smaller compartments, you can easily sort your products and move the trolley from room to room.

Decorative Trays

Decorate trays, like ceramic bowls and plates are a cute way to organise smaller makeup and beauty products, like lipsticks, eyeshadows and small bottles of face oil. Not only do they keep your essentials organised, but they’re also a way to express your decor style. You can also use decor like candle holders, mugs and coffee cups to hold your makeup brushes.

Ultimately, organising your makeup and beauty is easy peasy. Choose a storage option that suits you and your space best and regularly clean out and declutter. When it comes to the question of how to organise your makeup and toiletries, consistency is key–this will prevent the organisation of your collection from becoming a huge undertaking every few months.

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