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How to Style Your Bedside Table

Discover our top styling tips to enhance the look of your bedside tables and improve functionality. Learn more.

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Bedside tables are so much more than just a place for clutter. They can enhance the appeal of a room while also acting as a practical storage place for all your nightly essentials.

But working out how to incorporate both style and functionality into your bedside tables can be an overwhelming task. How many decor pieces should you include, should they match and what’s the best arrangement or height? These are the most asked questions about styling nightstands.

The truth is, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate your bedside tables. It’s entirely up to you. There are, however, some useful steps that can make decorating your nightstands simpler.

1. A clean space is a happy space

The first essential step is to clear and clean your bedside tables. Removing the clutter and wiping down the surface of your bedside tables allows you to start with a clean canvas and helps ideas flow. If you have a table with drawers, you can hide your clutter in those.

You could also take this time to remove any power banks, cables or charging ports from your bedside table. These cords add to the amount of clutter on bedside tables and can tone down the style too. So instead of having them on your bedside table, consider moving them to another section of the room.

Removing the power cables can also help you relax better. Getting ready for bed is a time to unwind and disconnect from your devices. So, by minimising the number of cables near your bed, you decrease the chances of you sitting up late scrolling on your phone or laptop and enhance the overall look of the table.

Bedside table

2. Let there be light

Now that you have a clean, clear surface, you can begin constructing a style. The best place to start is with your lamp.

Lights are essential for functionality and are one of the easiest ways to improve the design of your table. Because of their sheer size, lamps should always be placed on the surface first and go in a spot that’s easy to access. So, you don’t have to lean over other decor trying to reach the switch.

When deciding on what type of light you should buy, always choose one that complements the room’s existing tones or materials. You could match it to the colour of your wall or the frame of your bed. The choice is yours.

If you have a set of two bedside tables that enclose your mattress, it’s crucial you buy two lamps that match. Odd lights can feel out of place, whereas two of the same design add a complementary component between the nightstands.

Tight on space? Consider a wall-mounted or hanging light to free up room.

3. Spice it up with some decor

With your lamp in prime position, it’s time to add some items to your bedside table.

As a rule of thumb for prime functionality – stick to 3 statement pieces on your bedside table to avoid clutter and keep it practical.

What decor items you include depends on your needs, but the options are endless. Some stylish pieces you could incorporate with a nightstand include:

– A dish or tray for small items – do you like to stow your jewellery, glasses or watch next to your bed for easy access? Then consider a bowl or tray that keeps all those pieces together for neat storage. Available in various sizes and designs, trays are sensible and stylish items that have an organised appeal.

– Stack Books – Do you enjoy reading before bed or just want to add some depth to your nightstand? Piling books together adds elegance and height. Plus, a pile of books only counts as one statement item, so you still have room for other decor. You can even stack another decoration on top of the books, like a small plant or vase.

– Add a scent – Candles & diffusers are not only good to smell, but they can boost your mood and make any room more inviting. They’re also simple decorations that look sophisticated.

4. Go green

Add some life to your bedside tables with a small plant or flowers. These natural items are perfect for brightening your room and bedside table. Plus, they can help purify the air around you. Incorporating some greens into your nightstand also presents an opportunity to add a hint of colour with a pot.

Don’t enjoy looking after plants? That’s okay; you can always opt for an artificial plant or another natural décor piece like shells or wood.

5. Personalise Your Bedside Table

Adding a personal touch to your nightstand is perhaps the most crucial styling option to consider. Decor is classy, but it’s not practical unless it has some sort of value to you. Therefore, consider pieces that make you happy and smile when you see them.

Perhaps you could add a photo of your favourite memory? Or a masterpiece of artwork that’s engaging to look at. It’s your choice. But a personal touch can create an appealing environment that makes you feel calm, so try to include at least one.

6. Keep it balanced

When styling your bedside table, it’s important to remember the space needs to have a composed look. This means using decors of alternate heights, colours, and materials.

Have a tall item (lamp), a medium-sized product (a plant or book), and a small piece (a photo, candle, or tray). This will add depth to your bedside table and improve its style.

7. Tips to bear in mind

While you’re redecorating, some of the following instructions may come in handy.

– Remember your theme – Always keep the style of your bedroom in mind when choosing your decor pieces, so they complement the room.

– Does your bedside table have a large surface area? Then you should ensure you have décor that will reflect the space. Choose items that will fit nicely on the surface of the table. The last thing you want is to have giant decorations that leave no room for other essentials or tiny items that get lost in the table.

– Don’t make both sides the same – For superior styling, it’s better if your bedroom doesn’t look like something out of a catalogue but rather oozes personality. So, change it up and add something different on each bedside table.

– Keep it functional – Remember, at the end of the day, practicality is an essential thing in a bedside table.

– Get a better perspective – When styling, remember to stand back from the nightstand sometimes for a better angle on the look of the décor.

– Change it up each season – New weather provides the opportunity to rearrange and adjust. Swap out your existing designs or switch your décor to different sides of the bed.

– Less is more!

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