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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is on 14 May 2023 and if you’re thinking of buying a gift for your mum, now is the time. We have made a Mother’s Day gift guide just for you which includes a variety of products that you can choose from. In this article, we have put together a few Mother’s Day gift ideas to make gift buying a little easier for you.

What is a Good Gift for Mother’s Day?

You know your mum best. Their likes, dislikes, the things they need or the things they have always wanted are information that you are privy to. So, the best gift for Mother’s Day would be something that puts a smile on your mum’s face. Whether it’s a fancy handbag or a gardening tool, the key is to understand what she likes. It could be beauty products, tech items, gardening products, home decor, books or something else, you can find everything you are looking for in our Mother’s Day gift guide.

Practical Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiasts

Most fitness enthusiasts would appreciate a gift that helps them in their journey. So, if your mum is into yoga or weight training, you can give them a gift that is useful. Running shoes are always a great gift for anyone who enjoys running indoors or outdoors. We have a range of running shoes from well-known brands such as Asics, Hoka, New Balance and more. If mum has been trying to get their steps in then you can always opt for an under-desk treadmill that is easy to store and even easier to use. 

Stylish and comfortable yoga mats are always a great gift for yoga-loving mums. Additionally, you can indulge your mum’s fitness journey by gifting them a cross trainer or rowing machine for their home gym, kettlebells for weight training and more!

For Tech Savvy Mums

Our tech section has something for every tech-loving mum. From Apple Airpods to a Google Nest Hub, you can get your hands on different types of electronics and devices to gift to your mum. We have got a fairly good selection of headphones and earphones that are perfect for mums who like to groove to music while doing their house chores. You can also gift your mum an excellent security system for their home. Tech products make great gifts, so browse through this range.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Home Chef!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that mum’s cooking is the best, no matter what. The simplest dish is so much better when it’s made by your mum. If your Mum has always been a fan of cooking for the family, we have got a range of some amazing kitchenware that are the perfect gifts for a home chef.

Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to appliances, there is so much variety. The top-of-the-line has to be the crowd favourite: air fryers. This lovely appliance has gained popularity for the simple reason that it allows you to enjoy fried food guilt-free. Moreover, a lot of the models come with additional features such as grilling, roasting and baking as well. We also have a range of fancy toasters and kettles by leading brands Allessi, Morphy Richards and Westinghouse. If that is not your mum’s cup of tea, then a cast iron teapot might be. Additionally, you also have the option to buy blenders, coffee machines, sous vide machines, stand mixers, multifunction cookers and more.

Kitchen Utensils 

Cooking is enjoyable only when the products you use in the kitchen are in good condition. This is why we think gifting your mum some practical yet stylish cooking utensils is a great idea. A cutting board is the last thing one thinks of when it comes to gifting, but the Joseph Joseph chopping board in this range would change your mind. It is a set of four colour-coded chopping boards allowing efficient and hygienic food prep. 

This range also has the iconic Tefal Cookware set containing different pans and pots with a detachable handles. Use them on the stove or in the oven, this 5-piece cookware set is easy to store and clean as well, making it the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook but doesn’t want too many bulky items taking up space in their kitchen. There is a large variety of cooking utensils you can find in this range that is great for gifting. 

Our collection of kitchen essentials for home chefs includes these beautifully designed cast iron teapots that are perfect for brewing tea and an excellent addition to your mum’s tea collection.

Personalised Hampers for Mother’s Day

Sometimes, gifting your mother a single thing for Mother’s Day just doesn’t seem like enough. While you can always give them a cooking or skincare set, making a personalised Mother’s Day gift will make a huge difference. You can simply purchase different items, put them together in a gift basket of sorts and create a personalised gift for Mum.

Gift Of Relaxation

Put together your mother’s favourite skincare and haircare products in a gift basket along with a soft bathrobe, some essential oils and maybe even a bottle of wine. You can add more elements such as a book or scented candles to complete your personalised spa hamper for Mum.

The Garden Newbie

Has your mother recently discovered the wonders of gardening and is keen to learn more? This is the perfect time to put together a personalised gardening hamper that includes basic gardening tools, plant seeds and a book about home gardening!

The Charcuterie Board Enthusiast

We already know charcuterie boards are a favourite among most mums which are why creating a personalised charcuterie hamper will be greatly appreciated by your mum. All you need is an excellent charcuterie board with a set of cheese knives. Add a variety of cheeses to the hamper along with a bottle or two of wine that pairs well with the cheese. Et voila! You will have the perfect charcuterie hamper for your mum.

Garden-Related Gifts For Mother’s Day 

If your mother is a fan of perfectly planted garden beds that include flowers, herbs or even veggies, we have got the perfect gifts for her. This range includes gift ideas for the green thumb as they include all your necessary garden supplies, outdoor storage boxes, beautiful planters and pots, raised beds, plant seeds and more. 

You can also gift Mum one of our top-rated outdoor furniture pieces: the Wagon Wheel Bench. Make your mum’s gardening experience as therapeutic and relaxing as possible with these swanky and practical Mother’s Day gifts.  

Gift Your Mum a Good Book 

I will always say my love for books started with my mother’s devotion to reading and if you can say the same about your mum, books might be the best gift you can give them. We have curated a list of fiction and non-fiction books including biographies, mystery novels, self-help, cookbooks, romance, history and more. Make a list of all the book genres your mum enjoys, and make a personalised book hamper of them.

Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts

Treating Mum to a little luxury is the best gift idea. We all know mums like to spoil their children in the best way possible. It is time to return the favour and spoil them a little. Our range of gifts for all beauty lovers out there consists of some fancy products that are perfect for gifting. 


Starting with a classic, we have a range of perfumes from well-known brands. You will be spoilt for choice with this one because we have perfumes from brands such as Jimmy Choo, Coach, Gucci, YSL, Chloé and more. Floral and fruity fragrances with a hint of spice that is perfect for your mum.


Give Mum the gift of radiant skin this Mother’s Day. Our collection of beauty products includes skincare that is perfect for gifting. These include products like Natio Aromatherapy Skincare Set which has a face mask, a moisturising face lotion and an eye treatment gel. You can also opt for the Glasshouse Hand Care Duo to make sure that Mum’s hands always remain as beautiful as they are now. There are rejuvenating face masks, luxury bathing sets, Hemp haircare & beauty sets and plenty more.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Wait! Did you forget to buy Mum a gift for Mother’s Day? Don’t worry, we have a few last-minute gift ideas that are practical as well.

  • Scented candles and diffusers: If your mum likes her home smelling like fresh meadows, flower fields or a bakery, scented candles or diffusers are an excellent gift. Opt for our Glasshouse fragrances, Aromatherapy home fragrances and more from our Mother’s Day gift guide.
  • Footwear: Ugg boots, Veja sneakers and Crocs all make great gifts. They are all comfortable enough for everyday wear and super stylish as well.
  • Wine: A great gift for wine enthusiasts. You can gift Mum all of their favourite wines to add to their personal wine collection.
  • Bedding: This is also a great gift for someone who enjoys restyling their rooms regularly. Luxury quilt sets or sheet sets make a great functional yet stylish gift for Mum.

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