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Must-have Kitchen Appliances For Your New Home

must-have kitchen appliances

When it comes to stocking your kitchen with the right appliances, there are basic appliances that you need for your kitchen and appliances that will elevate your cooking game to the next level. This task is even more daunting when you’re starting from scratch. So, we have gathered a list of appliances that will be perfect for the kitchen in your new home. From microwaves and toasters to food processors and rice cookers, this list of must-have kitchen appliances will be ideal for new homeowners.

1. Refrigerator


You can’t really call your kitchen a kitchen without a fridge. All your leftovers and anything edible that needs to be stored for longer than 2 hours goes in the fridge. A fridge and freezer are a must-have for the kitchen. In fact, before you completely move into your new place, make sure you have your fridge already in place.

2. Microwave


A kitchen feels incomplete without a microwave. If there is one appliance that is guaranteed to be used by everyone in the household it is the mighty microwave. Moreover, nowadays you can purchase microwaves that offer you a multitude of features. Along with reheating your food, microwaves can even cook some meals for you in a matter of minutes. Most people would go for free-standing microwaves but if you have the space then you could opt for a built-in microwave and get it installed before you move in.


Space saving in the kitchen is important especially if you don’t have enough bench space to work with. Microwave ovens or convection microwaves can be the saving grace of a small kitchen. Instead of getting an oven and microwave separately, you get an appliance that combines features of both these appliances. With just a slight change in setting you can have a fully functional oven at your disposal. Just like any other oven, microwave ovens can accommodate metal bakeware.

3. Oven


Gas, electric, free-standing or built-in, ovens are an important part of any kitchen. Whether you bake a lot or just like to have an occasional roast dinner, ovens can really help with the cooking process. The best alternative for an outdoor barbecue is the oven. They can roast, grill toast and bake anything you want.

4. Toaster


The quintessential breakfast favourite- toast, cannot be made without a toaster. While you can toast your bread in the oven it doesn’t really make sense to toast just a single slice of bread in a big oven. Make your life easier by getting a top-of-the-line toaster that can toast a couple of slices of bread to perfection.

5. Coffee Machine

coffee machine

Another kitchen favourite is the coffee machine. If you’re someone who can’t start their day without a cup of fresh brew in the morning then a coffee machine is a must. There are several different types of coffee machines that you can go for. You can be your barista with a professional espresso machine that comes with an attached steamer. On the other hand, you can go for a coffee pod machine.


Nurture your love for coffee by getting your hands on some fine coffee beans, then roast and grind them at home every morning. A small coffee grinder can easily grind any kind of coffee beans in a matter of minutes. This way you can have an excellent cup of coffee whenever you want.

6. Electric Kettle

electric kettle

It is surprising how useful simple electricity can be in the kitchen. You get boiling water in minutes without having to fill a pot and heat it up over the stove. Whether you’re making a quick cup of tea or need some hot water for your instant noodles, a kettle is all you need.

7. Food Processor

food processor

Chopping a lot of vegetables will be made a lot easier with a food processor. Grating, slicing or finely chopping vegetables and fruit can all be done with this one appliance. Moreover, if you like making a lot of dips, the food processor is ideal for it.


Unlike the food processor, the blender is solely meant to blend a few ingredients. While it can work with solid ingredients, the blades will work better with liquids and ice. So, smoothies and icy cocktails can be easily made in a blender.


For people who bake regularly mixing thick batters and kneading dough can take up a lot of their time. Mixers can easily combine ingredients and knead dough to perfection. We recommend buying a stand mixer if you regularly bake bread or anything that requires rigorous mixing.

8. Air Fryer

air fryer

Enjoy all your favourite fried snacks without feeling too guilty. Air fryers allow you to fry foods without using too much oil. Air fryers heat up your food evenly resulting in a dish that is as crispy as it would have been having it been fried in a pool of oil. It’s a healthy option that many people are opting for because everyone likes a cheeky fried snack.

9. Rice Cooker

rice cooker

When it comes to cooking, you need to find something that helps you cook delicious meals without putting in too much effort especially if you are cooking on a daily basis. Rice cookers are an excellent way to take care of the carbs in your daily meals. It can cook rice without supervision and will keep your rice warm till you serve the food.

Rice cookers are excellent for cooking rice and a lot of rice dishes. Imagine throwing everything in a pot and roughly 30 mins later you have a super tasty dish ready to eat. If you eat rice regularly then rice cookers are an excellent investment.

10. Slow Cooker

slow cooker

Slow cooking is a very old cooking method that is perfect for cooking tough meats. With a slow cooker, you can cook a large amount of meat and end up with a super tender and delicious meat dish. The best part about slow cookers is that it is all about hands-off cooking. You don’t need to stay and observe, you don’t even need to be at home. Just throw in the ingredients and forget about it for a few hours. The slow cooker will cook everything on low heat resulting in melt-in-the-mouth dishes that can’t be replicated on a stove or in an oven.

Dream Kitchen For Your New Home.

Make the kitchen of your dreams with these must-have kitchen appliances. You can always add more appliances to the list if you need them. Take a look at all the choices you have here. Get your hands on all the appliances that will help you create culinary delights on a daily basis.

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