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Write For Us

Welcome to the MyDeal blog!

Here, we share our advice, expert tips and thoughts for everyday life and business. We love hearing your thoughts, and we want you to write for us. We’re welcoming your thoughts, advice and ideas into our community from regular contributors, so don’t be shy!

In order to be published, we ask experts to agree to the following conditions:
● Contributors must share the link to the article on their own personal website/blog (not social media)
● Each piece of writing must be original content. It must not have been shared anywhere else, and please don’t pass someone else’s writing off as your own.
● Each piece must be between 600-1000 words.
● Authors can also provide a short bio (up to 50 words) with an image and link to there website
● You must own any and all images that are submitted with the piece.
We feel this simply adds credibility to the article and allows your words to have a greater impact.

We will not accept the following:
○ Anything that violates privacy, publicly, moral or any other third party sites or sources (no doxing will be accepted)
○ Offensive content i.e. swearing, solicits violence or abuse

We reserve the right to remove any articles that we believe violate the community guidelines or are inappropriate for our brand and blog readers.

If you have an article that you’re just itching to publish, please email editor@mydeal.com.au with your article, any social media handles, your website link and images.