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2015 Colour Trends to Try in your Home

Olivia Mathews 8/09/2015

Spring is here and with it comes the inevitable desire to cast off what’s old, predictable, and familiar in your home. Happily, 2015 has brought with it a whole host of delectable interior design trends which are the perfect antidote to end of winter restlessness. Of course, very few of us have the finances to renovate every time a new season comes around but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on trying out new interior trends, you just need to be smart about how you do it. On trend colours can be a striking, cost effective way to update your living space and 2015 has offered no shortage of colour palettes to try. Below are five of the biggest colour trends of the year and some simple, affordable ways to incorporate them into your interior.

Romantic Pastels
This is an interior trend which has been around for a few years now, but 2015 has amped it up by contrasting dreamy summer pastels with shocks of neon. A great way of bringing a retro pastel vibe into your home is by collecting together some interesting shapes glassware and creating your own milk glass then bringing in a touch of neon with some brightly coloured flowers.

Grey Minimalism
Neutrals have always been considered chic in the interior design world but in 2015, it was grey which stole minimalist hearts for its surprising warmth, functionality, and subtlety. Play with this trend by combining different shades of grey in the bedroom. Create solid block of colour with a grey fabric headboard, and then build off this with bedding and throw rugs in slightly different shades.

Luxe Mediterranean Blue and Gold
This year had interior designers dreaming of the Greek islands and drawing inspiration from the rich blues and golds of the Mediterranean. Because these colours are so striking, the smallest hint of them in a room can make an enormous difference. Try painting a feature wall in a rich shade of lapis lazuli, royal blue, or turquoise and then add gold highlights with some small DIY homewares.

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