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3 Simple But Whimsical Dining Room Designs That You Will Love

Coleen Paller 4/08/2016

Most dining rooms have the traditional table, chairs and a little decor. Almost everyone’s dining rooms look this way and as long as the furniture and decor looks decent, we are happy with that and then we leave it. But there is so much more we can bring to our dining room than just the basic elements.

Arranging your dining room with a certain design theme not only adds a new layer of aesthetic to it but also increases the amazing atmosphere it has. It will be a place you’d love to have your meals in even more, and the same would be for your guests. Try these ideas and see how you can take your dining room to the next level.


Old Fashioned Vintage

Make your living room seem like traditional royalty with lavish designs and colors such as gold, purple or even cream. The best type of furniture to get would be sets with rococo or baroque style edges for a borderline medieval feel. Black fabric dining chairs with thick cushiony paddings and velvet would make anyone feel fancy when they spend time in your dining room. Hang a traditional golden frame against the wall for an extra vintage touch.



If you want a cozy, earthy feel, you are best suited to a country style. Make your dining room seem warm and inviting by picking natural, deep brown coloured furniture and display a small plant in the corner of the area. A (hopefully fake) animal wall mount would be the best decor to top it all off to make it truly feel like a woodland comfort zone.



While not exactly the same as old fashioned vintage style, this is more representative of the retro area in the 50s to the 70s. Bright, varied colours are the best choice as well as circular contours and shapes. An eames dining chair would be the perfect style to have for your dining table. Top it all off with retro mod pattern wallpapers that can give your dining room a splash of colours.


Dining rooms are often neglected when people are designing their homes, and it’s time they become the ultimate highlight of our houses.

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