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4 Easy Storage Hacks For Your Home

Coleen Paller 27/07/2016

Usually we see homes on TV that look much too good to be real, as they are always clean and tidy- or they seem to be. A key to a clean-looking home can sometimes lie in just having the right storage systems that are clever and at times hidden from plain sight. This way, there are less things sitting around and your house will look generally more neat and clean.


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1. Get A Wall-To-Wall Shelf

If you’re not for one for decorating walls or have plenty of wall space, you should definitely consider getting a shelf that will cover your whole wall. This way you can place decor on some shelves and other items in different sections to avoid wasting space.


2. Choose The Right Entertainment Unit

With the increasing amount of technology we seem to be getting more and more entertainment appliances. Get a modern tv unit that is designed to save space, but match your colors. If you’re thinking of getting a white entertainment unit, you may want to match it with a colored wall, or if you have a white wall, settle for a black lowline entertainment unit. To save the most space, opt for a white corner tv cabinet so you can use the corner spaces of your home.


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3. Mount Your Appliances

If possible, you may want to mount some of your appliances against a wall to save some additional space. These appliances can be your TV, your fans, an ethanol heater or even your speakers.


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4. Stylise Your Shoe Racks

An easy and portable storage solution is to get a shoe rack and instead of placing items directly on its levels, you can fill them with storage trays that act as little drawers. You can even label them, but the idea is that any items in them are barely visible and doesn’t look as messy. Storage trays, especially in amazing designs, can be your best storage friend.


The idea behind freeing more space in your home is to use areas and spaces you normally would leave empty. Then you turn these spaces into storage through tasteful and smart touches. Soon enough, you’ll have your home looking like a reality TV set. 

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