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4 Interior Design Ideas You Should Integrate in your Home

John D 28/09/2015

1. Area Rugs that Contrast Against Your Floor

A faux animal rug has always been inextricably linked with expense and good taste. A sheep skin rug is a go to décor for interior designers as it can be integrated in contemporary houses but also antique interior. Persian rugs will brighten up a bland room and gives a sense of royalty.

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2. Coffee Table Books

A coffee table book instantly makes you look on trend. The difference between this and a normal reading book is that they are oversized and contain photos rather than text. They are for looking at not reading. This trend has never left the realms of interior design as it inexpensive but effective. I find that the book topics will set the tone for the apartment. They are basically a representation of your personality. Stack them obscurely or use them as a stand for flowers or accessories. Get creative!

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3. A Wall Clock

The number one rule of interior is to have wall décor. A clock is not just a machine; it serves as a piece of art. Similarly to rugs, it is a symbol of wealth and can make a room look expensive even if it has cheap pieces. Match your clock colour to another item in your room and you have created a colour scheme.

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4. Wall Art
You can never go wrong with a photograph on a canvas as it brings a wow factor. My favourite trends are motivational quotes in studies or offices. Photographer Tessa Neustadt focuses on canvas art in her interior design and the results are spectacular.

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