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5 Mind Blowing Small Bathroom Ideas

Patrick Hurley 7/07/2016

When purchasing your first property, unless it’s from a house package plan it’s not going to be perfect. In fact, you’re more likely able to compromise on a small bathroom, if main rooms of the home such as the kitchen, living room and outdoor living space are perfect. In the end, if one room isn’t totally to your liking, you can renovate it into any design or style you and your family want.

With the real estate market in Australia booming, and the prices at an all-time high, it’s easy to understand that first-time buyers are willing to start off small, and renovate to achieve their dream home. However, what happens when you don’t have a significant amount of money? This happens regularly with first home buyers, wanting to just get into the real estate market without thinking about the costing for future renovations.

Luckily for first time buyers, there are ways to incorporate partial changes to your small bathroom layout. The changes will allow for your bathroom to have new, refreshed look in your small bathroom area.

1) Flat Packs For Vanities

Trying to save money and renovate your small bathroom area can be incredibly tricky. Using flat pack furniture that may customarily be used for kitchenettes and bedside tables can be a great substitute as a brand new vanity. Go to an op shop and find old-fashioned dining tables, that can be modified to create a one-of-a-kind vanity. Just be smart with your money, and find something that will be a focal piece for your home.

2) Always Get Above Vanity Basins!

There are reasons why you should purchase above vanity basins. Purchasing bathroom ceramic sink units above the vanity will allow for easy installation for the contractor. When creating your own vanity, it becomes alot easier to have the correct measurements if you have the above basin as well. Another great thing about the above vanity ceramic sink units is the there is no-overflow tap hole, which is a big plus when preventing floods.

3) Wall Storage: Massive Space Saver

When you’re in a small bathroom, it becomes a hinderance when you have all your storage placed low. This is because it actually makes the room feel smaller than it may actually be. Using wall mounted shelving and cubes will allow for an amazing amount of space saved, without taking up walking space.

4) The Invisible Storage

Every small bathroom should have a mirror presented above your vanity unit. The reflection of the bathroom automatically makes the bathroom look bigger, and secondly, it’s a great hiding spot. Using a wall mounted mirror cabinet, you're able to make your small bathroom look large with the storage system now in place.

5) Come On Baby, ‘Light’ My Fire

Choose the perfect lighting fixture for your bathroom area is incredibly crucial. Get it wrong, it offsets every other recommendation above. Lighting fixtures may not sound important, but if you purchase a large light fitting for a small bathroom, it draws your eyes up to the small space. Keep your fixture small and sophisticated, and relatively high to the ceiling. That way it shines light onto the new bathroom design, and making the room look bigger in the process.

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