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5 Unusual Decor Ideas To Upgrade Your Dining Room

Coleen Paller 8/07/2016

There seems to be to an annoying theme to everyone having very similar-looking dining rooms or if not that, dining rooms that seem lifeless and uniform. You should always be enjoying yourself where you eat, and the dining room should always be a social and comfortable atmosphere.

Liven up your dining room with a few unusual but tasteful touches and soon enough you’ll be thanking yourself when you come in for dinner time.


1. Hang A Font Aesthetic On The Wall

Instead of the traditional paintings and portraits, beautiful fonts and messages are the trend now in modern art. Not only are they beautifully crafted but often have inspiring or light hearted messages that can lift the whole room up! Make sure to choose a very simple word or a saying that suits the theme of dining and eating.


2. Try Leather Dining Chairs

Stuck with the old fashioned fabric, rigid chairs that look like they came out of an old house? Switch to a more modern look like leather dining chairs, which provide new textures to complement your living room and they barely take any space. You can also try padded stools (with or without a design) for something more minimalistic.


3. Place A Multicoloured Flowerpot

The reason why flowers have gone out of fashion in a lot of decor ideas is because everyone has shifted to using fake flowers that everyone can see as fake, even with their eyes closed. Take your time and invest in faux flowers that have more detail and realistic colors, in an assortment colours (or even a theme if you like) and place them in a simple vase for your table.


4. Decorate The Walls With Unused Plates

Whether they’re vibrant plates or fading, old plates (which look more rustic), you can try gluing small metal hooks to them and hanging them on the wall next to each other in a pattern (like a honeycomb or just a straight line). It is even more beautiful and unique when the plates coordinate in a theme or vary in sizes and colors.


5. Fit The Right Rug Onto Your Dining Area

While everyone mostly gets put off by the sizes of large rugs they are ultimately the best way to compliment your dining furniture. Take note of the shape of your table, and overshadow the area (including the dining chairs) with a similarly-shaped rug. Getting a rug that is too small can make the room seem disconnected and shrinking.


Every part of your home should be beautifully fit to your taste, not only will you feel better going home everyday, but your guests will love visiting. Just enjoy and bask in the compliments that come!

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