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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Camron Dunn 13/07/2015

lounge room a serious overhaul but don’t have the budget to do anything extravagant? Well don’t despair, you don’t have to resort to robbing the display rooms at Ikea just yet. There are number of simple and cost effective solutions to completely changing the atmosphere of a room and adding a new flair of style.

Utilise your floor space

If you are tired of your timber floors and would prefer carpet, instead of spending a fortune on having the entire floor re-done, choose a designer rug to compliment the room and add a degree of depth to the space. The right carpet can set the overall tone of the room and act as the backdrop for you to work up from.

Playing musical chairs – literally

Sometimes it’s not what you have in your house, but how you use it, which leads to you becoming tired of your decor. Trying mixing things up by swapping the furniture in your house from room to room. Put your kitchen table in your dining room and the dining table in the kitchen for example. Switch around paintings, lamps, sofas, rugs and cabinets. You’ll be surprised what new and interesting visual looks you can create for your home, whilst remaining functional.

Accessorise your home

Instead of forking out extra cash for a new lounge suite or furniture piece, purchase some tactical accessories to add an elegant touch to your bedroom or lounge. Throw pillows can offer a flexible dual purpose, for providing a splash of colour as well as a comfortable addition to your couch. Choose large, overstuffed cushions for a plush, elegant look.

Transform the look of an ugly coffee table without the need for a replacement by using a table skirt or tablecloth. Changing your lampshades can also be effective by casting an entirely different mood lighting for any given room.

Fix the fixtures

Whether the lighting in a room is dim, or you simply dislike the fixture, replacing it is an easy and inexpensive solution to spruce up a room. Purchase a vintage fixture online for a steal or visit your closest Ikea for some modern selections. Simply by improving the lighting itself, you can enhance the vibe and ambiance of a room. Downlights are another option for improving an atmosphere, with globe options available that can be adjusted to project different moods.

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