Get Set For The Game With Our Amazing Poker Game Sets

Having a game from the casino to play in your own home, is every poker player’s dream come true. MyDeal Australia can make your dreams a reality, with our brand new range of sets that are available now. These products are completed, high quality sets that are great for novices and professional card players.

These amazing sets that we have at MyDeal Australia are made from high quality materials to replicate the aura of playing poker at the circus. Our large 500 piece sets are made from hologram casino sized chips to provide the casino feeling in the comfort of your own home. Including dice, multiple sets of cards, dealer plates and keys, these sets are great to play an intense game amongst your family and friends.

Create Your Own Flush With Our Royal Poker Sets

We also have available apart of brand new range is official merchandise sets that are now available at MyDeal. With products licensed by companies such as Jack Daniel's, these items are just another great additional to the already stacked roster of products we have at MyDeal Australia.

For more information about the amazing range of products available at MyDeal, including our Poker accessories range, please feel free to contact us using the online enquiry form. We have had over 500,000 customers since opening MyDeal Australia, and have expanded our range of products due to high demand. Some of the 20,000 products we have at MyDeal are eligible for free shipping through Australia, so check out our amazing new range at

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