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How to style a laundry room

5 Awesome Laundry Room Styles to Consider

Interior decoration is a necessary step to add some warmth and personality to your home. However, whenever we think of interior design, the laundry room is the last thing that comes to mind. Often, a laundry room in the house ends up being a dimly lit abandoned corner that looks nothing like the rest of the house. 

We have gathered a few ideas on different laundry room styles that will make you want to spend more time there. Whether it is in your basement, the attic or right next to the kitchen, you can easily make your laundry room look stylish.

How to Style a Laundry Room?

Designing and styling your laundry room might not be on your priority list but it is an important step. The location and layout of the room will determine what furnishing and fittings you will need to invest in. Additionally, you will need to know the size of your washing machine and dryer. Based on these considerations you will be able to try out different laundry room styles.

Different Laundry Room Layouts

Corridor Layout: Perfect for smaller areas, this layout has the appliances arranged along one wall in a galley or corridor. This leaves enough storage space along the rest of the wall or the parallel wall.

L-Shaped Layout: The name of this layout is a dead giveaway. In this layout, the appliances are arranged on one wall while the storage and countertop run along the adjacent wall. This type of layout is great if you need to incorporate more storage furniture.

U-Shaped Layout: Very similar to the L-shaped layout, the U-shaped design has a third wall added to the mix giving you even more space for storage. In fact, this layout gives you the opportunity to have a big workspace, storage area and ample space for your appliances.

Open Plan Layout: The laundry room here is integrated within a bigger space. It can be part of a mudroom, kitchen or bathroom hidden behind closed doors or out in the open. 

Different Laundry Room Styles

Modern Laundry Room Style

The modern interior design style focuses on clean lines, a muted colour scheme, classic furniture designs, natural materials and natural light. It is easy to work with this style for your laundry room because of its simplicity. 

A monochromatic colour scheme and the use of different textures around the room will give you the perfect modern laundry room style. As shown in the image above, you can play with shades of one colour and add different elements such as a jute rug, wicker or wire laundry basket. As far as storage is concerned, we suggest going for wall-mounted cabinets to leave as much negative space as possible. The use of negative space is very intrinsic to the modern interior style as it makes the room look bigger and neater.

This laundry room style will fit best with homes that have a minimalist, mid-century modern, traditional, contemporary as well as monochromatic interior design style.

Country and Farmhouse Style Laundry Room 

The reason we couple country and farmhouse styles together is that farmhouse style takes direct inspiration from country interiors. A neutral colour palette, open shelving, simple furniture, lots of cabinets, vintage accents and reclaimed wood are the best ways to describe these styles.

Simplicity is your best friend when it comes to these styles. Deck the laundry room with open shelves, wicker laundry baskets and a hallway cabinet made from reclaimed wood. These natural elements will add a rustic feel to the room. To finish off the look, we recommend adding potted plants to the area if possible.

Another option is to go for a french country-style laundry room. French country interiors combine rustic and contemporary elements. Distressed furnishing and decor, soft colours and natural materials would make up the perfect french style laundry room.

You can pair this laundry room style with a rustic, Cottagecore, country and farmhouse-style interiors.

Hamptons Laundry Room Style

Light, bright and breezy come to mind when we think about Hamptons-style interiors. White is a prominent presence in this style along with colours like green and blue paired with natural elements such as wood and rattan. 

With the Hamptons style, you can play around with design elements such as patterned tiles. The tiles can add some colour to a room furnished mostly with white cabinets and shelves. Natural lighting is also important, so brownie points if you have a window in the room. Another important factor to remember is to keep things organised. We would suggest placing items such as laundry baskets or bins in a cabinet under the sink or within a shelf that sits discreetly in a corner.

This style would sit best with Hamptons interiors, coastal and modern minimalist style home interiors.

Vintage Laundry Room Style

The vintage style brings together design elements or styles that were popular in a different era and uses furniture and decor from that period. Vintage interior design can be adapted in different ways. For example, you can go for vintage rustic, vintage industrial, 1960s-inspired vintage interiors or more such styles. 

A simple way to incorporate the vintage style into your laundry room is by adding tiles and wallpaper. When we say tiles, you don’t necessarily need to redo the whole room. You can use stick-on tiles on the floor and voila, you’ll have a beautifully tiled floor. When it comes to patterns, polka dots and floral patterns are the easiest way to make the room look vintage inspired. 

For storage, you can opt for wall-mounted and floor cabinets. Another interesting element you can add to a vintage laundry room is a room divider. This would work perfectly if you don’t have an entire room dedicated to laundry but only a portion of a room. A divider would easily separate the two areas and add a natural element to the room as well.

Spanish Style Laundry Room

There are multiple design styles within Spanish interiors, so we will be focusing on Tuscan interiors. The Tuscan style focuses on warm colours and the use of simple furnishing with a slightly rustic feel to it. Sun-tanned colours, rough textures and natural elements such as wood and stone are the basic elements of this style.

For a compact laundry room, a combination of wooden and stone shelves along with some warm lighting would do the job. You can even leave the walls bare of any colour because the roughness of the look will add to the overall effect. For larger rooms, you can place wooden floor cabinets for extra storage. We recommend having a large wooden or bamboo structured laundry hamper in the room. The clean lines of the furniture in the room will add some contrast to the rough textures.

These laundry room styles would fit with rustic, country and farmhouse styles along with bohemian interior home design.

Colour Schemes To Try Out

Colours are the easiest way to change the mood of the room. If you are unsure of the type of interior design style you want, then deciding on a colour scheme is an excellent way to style your laundry room. Here are some of the colour schemes you can try out:

  1. Black and white: You can never go wrong with a classic monochromatic look. If you have an all-white laundry room, you can add accents of black or charcoal grey throughout the room. 
  2. Beige: Create a warm look with beige-coloured walls paired with warm wooden furnishing. This also allows you to add more textures such as jute, rattan and cane to the room.
  3. Blue: You can style with blue in two ways. Either go with a light blue shade such as aqua and pair it with white cabinets or you can go with a dark shade of blue like royal blue. Pair the royal blue with white cabinets and accents of bright green and even brown (this colour scheme can also be deemed a Hamptons-style laundry room).
  4. Green: This also gives you the option of creating two different kinds of looks- dark and light. Emerald green paired with charcoal grey, black and accents of warm natural wood colour creates a dark yet warm laundry room style. For a lighter approach, go for pale green colours such as sage and pair them with white and accents of light brown in the room.
  5. Yellow: You can play a lot with different tones when it comes to yellow. We find pairing grey with white and yellow results in a very bold look. On the other hand, lemon yellow paired with white and bright green gives you a soft and bright-looking laundry room.

Playing with colours is an excellent way to make the most of the space you have. If you have a small laundry room, painting the walls a certain colour and adding accents of a different colour to the room should be enough.

Laundry Room Extras

Storage furniture, lights, laundry accessories and decoration items are some of the things you should have a better look at when styling your laundry room. Laundry cabinets are an excellent storage option for your room. But you should also look into wall shelves, display cabinets, storage drawers, bookcases and bookshelves. While these might not be your first thought when you think of shelves for the laundry room, you might find exactly what you are looking for in these different styles of shelves. 

Don’t limit your lighting options. There are no rules that say you can’t have a pendant light in the laundry room. You can go for wall lights, downlights, spotlights and in some cases even a small chandelier for the laundry room. Apart from lighting, items such as clothes racks, hangers for freshly washed shirts and a bin might be things you will need in the room. For decoration, mirrors, rugs and runners are excellent options.

Try Out These Laundry Room Styles

We have put together the different laundry room styles you can try out for your home. Whether you have a big room or a compact space for your laundry, you can easily recreate these styles. Just plan everything out in advance and it will be easier for you to execute the style you’re going for. We have tried to include key elements of each style in this guide so hopefully, it will help you style your laundry rooms without any problems.

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