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How To Style A Small Apartment Like An Interior Designer

Want to make your home look like it's been designed by a pro? Here are a few tips on how to be your very own interior designer.

Small apartment spaces are hard to style; they can be cramped, squashy and “cosy”. However, small apartments can be a fantastic place to live, as you can have everything you need in one place. The big questions though; where do you keep your storage; how can you stop the place from looking cluttered; how can I make my tiny room look bigger? Here are some tips from experts, who are sharing their best-kept secrets for living in a tiny apartment.

How Big Is Too Big?
When it comes to furniture, sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Small rooms tend to look smaller when paired with oversized furniture, so when you’re out hunting for that perfect couch, consider your room. Does the couch take up a large area of space? David Kaity from Revolutionary Real Estate offers his advice on choosing furniture for a small space, ‘“The furniture used should have legs so that people can see underneath. This is one way to increase the perception of space. Where most people would have one large lounge, use two separate pieces of furniture so that people can see between them, again making the space look bigger, simply by the fact that people can see more of it.” He says. “Furniture with horizontal surfaces like dining tables, desks and coffee tables should have a rounded glass top. In addition to having these practical surfaces, the fact that they are see-through again increases the visual perception of space as people can see through them to the space behind and underneath. Their rounded surfaces protrude less into the available space, which again makes rooms seem larger than they are.” You can follow David and his revolutionary real estate tips on his Facebook.

Get Lit
Your small apartment can only look smaller with dark colours. Although dark colours may look stunning on clothes, they can make a home look small and cramped. When styling your home, consider painting it with layers of light shades. Soft and inviting, lighter colours give the appearance of a larger space, as it attracts more light. Darker colours swallow up the light, which makes your home look twice as small as it really is. Opting for colours such as beige, eggshell and pastel colours are chosen for reflecting light. Steer clear from dark browns, blacks and dark blues, as they swallow up the light and make a space look much smaller.

Get Reflective With A Mirror 
It’s an oldie, but a goodie; using mirrors in your home not only attracts light, making it look more open, but it also gives off the illusion of more space, since it reflects the view. Hanging mirrors are a great way to keep the openness of your room, without too much effort. Decluttering whiz, Robyn Arnott from Bless This Mess, professional organising, says you should choose mirrors if you’re living in a minimised space. “Expand on the feeling of space by hanging mirrors. They also create additional light,” she says, “Minimise furniture so as not to take up too much floor real estate.” You can find out some more amazing tips by following Robyn on Facebook or Twitter.

Utilise Natural Light
In the world that we live in, it’s hard to think of our homes without artificial light. However, if you live in a small space, artificial light can swallow up the room’s potential. Often yellow light creates undesirable shadows that make a space smaller, whereas natural light, a cool light, will open and enhance a room’s natural beauty. Jo Powell from The 3 Pea’s Property Styling says, “my tip for styling a small apartment is ensuring that a feeling of space is retained, whilst maximising the practicality of the space. When this strategy is combined with ensuring that the maximum amount of natural light can enter the spaces and that clutter is kept to a minimum, even the smallest apartment can feel welcoming and stylish.” she says. You can find out more about the 3 Pea’s Property Styling by following their Instagram or Facebook.

Don’t Disregard Corners
When it comes to homes, people often disregard the corners of their rooms. Focusing on the walls and the centre of the room is the main priority, and the corners are left to gather dust. If your apartment or room is small, you have to take advantage of every space. You can place a plant in the corner, adding freshness to your home, or you could install some floating shelves. They’re easy to install, just grab some tools and equipment, and get going! Adding floating shelves into the corner of the room not only utilises disregarded space but also adds more storage for your home! If you need a bit of help with installation, remember power tools are your friend. If you’re not able to commit to floating shelves, or you’re afraid of power tools in general, you can always use the space by adding a bean bag or corner couch into the space! The options are endless, really.

There’s a formula with small apartments, and as long as you stick to the formula generally, you can add your splashes of personality throughout your home without sacrificing space! Tiny spaces are intimate, personal and inviting, so make them your own! It’s your home after all!

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