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7 Boho Bedroom Trends This Spring

Get the boho look this spring with our guide.

Does your bedroom need a bohemian inspired spruce up? Get motivated to redecorate this season with our top boho bedroom trends.

It’s all about the fringe

Bedroom fringe decor creates a cosy space that gives off a free-spirited vibe. The amount of fringe you can have in your bedroom is limitless. Incorporate fringe pillows, blankets, rugs, and hanging fridge wall art to really nail this look – browse MyDeal Home & Garden to find pieces that speak to you.

Wicker light fixtures

Wicker elements look beautiful in a bedroom and create a tropical relaxed atmosphere. For a Balinese inspired look that really complements a space, replace your traditional light fixtures with wicker ones.

Wild abundance of plant decor

When it comes to creating a boho look in a space, plants are absolutely vital. Bring nature indoors to inspire more wellness and air purity in your bedroom. Your body does its best healing during sleep, so ensuring the air is pure with plants helps contribute to your body’s wellness.


Bamboo bed frames

Trade in your boring old Ikea bed frame with a bamboo bed frame that complements a mindful bedroom. Bamboo is not only beautiful, it is extremely long lasting and durable, so it will be worth the investment. Any other wooden bed frame will also offer the same appeal. 

Mismatched dresser drawers

This is a great DIY project as it only requires a few desired paint colours and a free day to complete. Choose some drawers and repaint them to completely makeover an old bland bedroom furniture piece.

Moroccan rugs & ottomans

Incorporating Moroccan furniture is a top spring trend of 2018. Moroccan furniture involves fringe and intricate designs that create an ideal bohemian flare.

Rustic chic elements

Rustic design is all about bringing the outdoors inside. Wooden features like tree decor helps to create a more rustic looking bedroom. If you want some added dreaminess, wrap fairy lights around the branches to create a beautiful night time experience.

Your bedroom should exude a carefree relaxing atmosphere essential for winding down to get a good night’s sleep. Incorporate these fresh boho bedroom trends to create a trendy bedroom you love just in time for the new season.

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