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Decorating Your Home Country Style

Whether or not you live in the countryside, English country interiors have a definite welcoming and calming feel. From cosy nooks to floral accents, English country interior design is classic and timeless. Embracing English country home interiors is not limited to those living in perpetually cold weather, surrounded by beautiful landscapes–in fact, with the right decor and furniture, you can achieve this look in your home, with a modern twist. 

If you’re drawn to the whimsical look and cosy feel of the English country style home, we have put together some tips and trips for achieving this style.

What is English Country Style?

English country interior design draws inspiration from rural cottages and grand country estates of England. It features a mix of rustic, whimsical and refined elements. Nowadays, English country takes on a more modern spin, with less ornate and fussy elements, but still warm, familiar and welcoming. Characterised by its warm and cosy atmosphere, natural materials and emphasis on comfort and practicality, English country interior design is a popular style for homes.

What You’ll Find in an English Country Style Home 

What makes this style so distinct is its rustic country and vintage elements. Key characteristics of this style include: 

  • Floral and fauna wallpaper 
  • A mix of upholstery and textiles
  • Rustic wooden furniture and vintage style furniture
  • White kitchen cabinets 
  • Mismatched furniture
  • Potted plants
  • Vintage decor
  • Plaid and gingham
  • Ottomans
  • Wainscotting and exposed beams

Pair these with a modern twist and the English country style can be easily adapted to current trends. Go for a light, neutral colour palette, don’t overdo the florals and go for new, well-crafted timber furniture to keep your home looking and feeling fresh and up-to-date. 

How to Achieve a Modern Take on Country Style Home

The look has evolved over the years, but the English country style can be adapted, no matter your personal taste with a few key elements. Ultimately, you want your home to look and feel comfortable, cosy and lived in, with a rustic, vintage and whimsical touch.

Natural Materials

I don’t know about you, but when I think about country-style living, I think of chopping wood and carpentry. You don’t need to make your own furniture, of course, but to achieve the English country style at home, go for well-crafted wood furniture. Extra points for furniture made from reclaimed wood. 

It’s important to choose the right shade of wood for your furniture. For instance, too dark will end up bringing your space down, whereas blonde tones more coastal feel. Opt for elm wood and bayur wood pieces. They may be harder to find but will give your space that relaxing country charm. 

English country homes also feature stone and brick, which bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to the space.

Go for: Well-crafted timber furniture and exposed brick walls

Mismatched Furniture

Mismatched furniture is a signature look for English country style homes. You want to achieve the look of effortless style–like you just threw together a room that looks totally balanced and complete.

To achieve this, stick the furniture of a similar interior style or era–for instance, you won’t want to pair a rustic, reclaimed wood table with brand-new black metal chairs (or maybe you do–never say never!).

Muted Colour Palette

Typically, English country style features soft, muted colours such as sage, baby blue, pastel yellow and warm neutrals like beige, cream and taupe.

Go for: Neutral shades with light greens, blues and yellows inspired by nature

Bring in Patterns

Patterns play a significant role in English country style homes. Embrace patterned upholstery, wallpaper, curtains, cushions and bedding.

Go for: Botanical, plaid and gingham prints

Lived-In Vibes

When it comes to English country, there’s no need to strive for perfectionism. English country style aims to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With cosy fabrics, soft, warm lighting and comfortable furniture, you can make your space a welcoming, cottage home.

Go for: Vintage style lamps, soft cushions, throws and rugs and upholstered sofas and armchairs. Hang cookware and utensils in the kitchen and fill your shelves with books

Comfort and Practicality are Key

Country styles emphasise comfort and function–everything has its purpose. Avoid clutter and keep things minimal by collecting practical decor pieces. For example, you can bring in more patterns, vintage pieces and pops of colour with mugs and glassware, tableware, soap dishes and more.

Go for: An ottoman in place of a coffee table, bookcases and shelves with adequate storage, comfortable chairs and sofas

Vintage Touches

English country home decor is all about vintage touches. Embrace antiques and vintage pieces, like furniture with distressed finishes, antique rugs and vintage accessories to add a sense of history and familiarity to the space.

Go for: Vintage tea sets and tableware, old books, antique artwork, distressed wooden furniture and antique rugs

Ornate Details

Unlike modern and minimal design styles, like Scandinavian and modern farmhouse interiors, this style embraces ornate, frilly details. If you want a more modern twist on traditional English country interiors, keep the ornate details to a minimum and stick to one statement piece. 

Go for: An upholstered sofa with a skirt or an accent chair

Indoor Garden

Get that charming, cottage feel with indoor pot plants and flowers. Keep small pot plants on window ledges and around the house. English country interior design also features botanical prints on wallpapers, fabrics and artwork.

Go for: Pot plants and fresh flowers and botanical fabrics

DIY Charm 

Part of the whimsical charm of English country decor is its DIY vibe. From using recycled jars to store pantry essentials to using vintage teapots as plant pots, do-it-yourself decor brings a warm, welcoming feel to the home.

Go for: Recycled jars, teapot pot plants and DIY door handles

Thoughtful Layers

Add more texture and comfort by layering cushions, throws and rugs! Thoughtful layers bring a cosy and comfortable feel to the home and offer up a great opportunity to add colours or patterns to a neutral backdrop.

Go for: Cushions, throws and rugs

Traditional Architectural Details

English country style incorporates traditional architectural details like explored beams and wainscoting, adding a charming sense of history to the space.

Go for: Exposed brick, wainscotting and exposed wooden beams

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