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Get the Modern Farmhouse Style at Home

Farmhouse style homes are notoriously charming, cosy and stylish. Bursting with character and dazzled with sophisticated elegance, the modern farmhouse style combines the best of both worlds when it comes to charming country style and contemporary modern looks. 

When we talk about farmhouse style, we don’t mean floral wallpapers, tea cosies and strictly antique ornaments. Country and farmhouse style homes have taken on a life of their own, bringing in modern elements to create a space that is elegant, practical and cosy. What makes the modern farmhouse look so alluring and charming is the blend of new and old, creating a space that has the character and charm of country homes, blended with the sophistication and contemporary look of a city apartment. This design style incorporates rustic elements with modern touches to create a warm, welcoming and timeless space.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes a modern farmhouse so distinct and unique and how to achieve the look at home.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Style

There are a few variations of farmhouse interior, from classic farmhouse style and coastal farmhouse style to boho farmhouse style and French farmhouse style. Modern farmhouse combines both classic country and modern interior styles, blending clean lines, neutral colours, layered textures and natural materials to create a stylish, timeless look with character and sophistication. 

We should mention that you don’t need to live in the country to achieve this look. Whether you own a home or you’re renting, the modern farmhouse style can be achieved on a budget without altering the structure of your home. No matter if your home is in the suburbs, city, by the beach, surrounded by bushland or in the country, the farmhouse interior style is for everyone. With the right mix of furniture, materials, colours and textures, you can create this look at home.

What is the Modern Farmhouse Style?

The modern farmhouse style is quite distinct. From its neutral colour palette and strong accents to its industrial style furnishing, modern farmhouse interior style combines the traditional with the modern. Less rustic than traditional classic country and farmhouse style homes, modern farmhouse takes on more contemporary touches, like neutral colours, industrial style furniture and smooth lines, while maintaining the farmhouse look with vintage touches and traditional fabrics. 

The modern farmhouse style differs from traditional, rustic farmhouse styles with its more refined, sleek look. Where rustic farmhouse homes would feature wooden panelling, rustic furniture and overall a more maximal approach, modern farmhouse interior style focus on contemporary elements to create a more minimal, practical and comfortable home to live in.

Modern farmhouse focuses less on traditional country styles, taking cues from mid-century modern and Scandinavian styles. The modern farmhouse style is rooted in rustic charm with warm minimalism and industrial elements that you’d find in Scandinavian interior design. Think refined and sophisticated, balanced with country and eclectic.

How to Decorate Farmhouse Style With a Modern Twist

Modern farmhouse styles draw on the best elements of the classic farmhouse look with a modern twist. Common elements you’ll find in a modern farmhouse home are:

  • Industrial accents like metal pendant lights
  • Pine furniture
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Vintage accessories
  • Neutral tones with bold accents

Modern farmhouse interior design commonly features elements including reclaimed wood, barnboard details, big, comfy furniture, pine furniture, plan floors, vintage accessories and iron accents. Ultimately, the modern farmhouse style is a mix of traditional rustic charm with modern touches, creating a stylish, contemporary look. In saying this, you don’t need to renovate your entire home to get the modern farmhouse look–a few key changes can make all the difference.

Light and Airy Colours with Bold Accents

Perhaps the most recognisable feature of modern farmhouse interior design is its bright and airy colour palette with pops of bold hues. 

Black is often to create a strong contrast against a neutral colour palette of whites, muted greys and natural tones. The black and white combination is popular for good reason–the pairing adds a dramatic flair that is fresh, thoughtful and sophisticated.

Mix and Match Furniture

Mix and match new and old furniture. Focus on craftsmanship and vintage furniture, which will give your home that classic farmhouse look. Bring in new furniture for added comfort and style for the modern twist. 

Add Rustic and Organic Materials 

Modern farmhouse is all about bringing in rustic elements with a contemporary spin. There’s an emphasis on reclaimed and natural materials, like reclaimed wood and pine furniture. Exposed timber, wooden furniture and wooden accents are used in modern farmhouse interior. Pair with sleek, metal accents to bring a modern twist to your home. You could go for a reclaimed wooden coffee table, and wooden dining chairs with black steel frames.

Organic materials will help keep the space connected to nature and the outdoors. Go stone, wicker, rattan, cane, sisal and other natural materials where you can. You can also mix and match traditional natural elements like wood and jute with materials like stainless steel for a more modern feel. 

Add some modern farmhouse decor, like black or white framed wall art, black metal candle holders, and vintage clocks. 

Keep the Space Minimal

Keep your space looking sophisticated with the less is more approach. Modern farmhouses focus on simplicity. The key is to keep things uncluttered. Don’t go overboard on the home decor–instead focus on a few statement pieces to bring in character. 

Industrial Accents

Industrial design uses hard finishes and raw textures. When paired with delicate textiles, wooden finishes and bright colours like yellow, you’ve got the modern farmhouse look down pat. You could go for industrial-style materials like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and sleek lighting. 

Bring in Warmth and Comfort 

Modern farmhouse style is all about blending comfort with practicality. Make sure to bring in warm and comforting elements, from cosy, comfortable furniture to small touches that add a charming and nostalgic, country feel to your home.

Go Vintage

Mixing modern and vintage accents like antique furniture, vintage signposts and rustic decor add character and charm to modern farmhouse homes. Vintage accents create a sense of history and nostalgia, which is a key part of this design style. 

Cosy Textures

Bringing in cosy textures like chunky knit blankets and throws, rugs and cushions are essential in creating the modern farmhouse look. Textures add warmth and comfort to the space, making it more inviting, like a real cosy farmhouse. 

Farmhouse Lighting

There is an emphasis on lighting when it comes to the modern farmhouse interior design style. Modern farmhouse lighting fixtures like metal pendant lights, lanterns and vintage-style table lamps are commonly used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Personalise Your Space 

Incorporate your own personal style into the overall design of your space! Add personal touches with artwork, family photos, vintage touches and sentimental decor.

Add Greenery 

When we think of a farmhouse, we think of greenery! Bring in plants in yellow and orange pots for pops of colour and hanging plants. 

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