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How to Create an Inspiring Home Office

Working from home? Here's how to create an inspiring home office.

Working from home has innumerable perks, not least, the chance to design an office that suits you. No more dull grey cubicles or noisy open plan office, you can make it vibrant and inspiring, with all the touches that you want to make it a fun, productive place. You can select the décor and colour scheme, choose rugs and throws and all the details that are normally disregarded in business premises.


Choosing the layout

Whether you work from home full time, or need a place for you or your kids to study, it is important to design the space to suit your requirements. There are many factors to consider when creating an office area, these include:
• The size and shape of the room
• What the purpose of the room is
• Ergonomics for comfort and health
• How you will be working
• The number of people who will be using the space

Common configurations

• Corner – perfect for a sometimes office in a lounge or room with another function. What you lose in desk space, you gain in convenience and accessibility.
• L shaped – this style takers the corner desk further and provides more surface area. The shape brings everything closer as you sit in the right angle of the L.
• U shaped – this is ideal for a shared office, or when you need more space for a second monitor, writing or cutting room.
• Centre of the room – ideal for rooms’ solely used as an office space. It gives plenty of space around the desk, removing any sense of being in a cramped little office.
• Along the wall – most common in bedrooms, this provides a stable surface with no wasted space.

The perfect desk

Desk height – ensure you can sit comfortably with your knees clear of the table top in a variety of sitting positions. Even the most minor of constriction will become a problem when sitting for hours at a time.

Depth – depending on the type of work you will be doing, how tall you are, and if the room’s only purpose is being your office, the depth needs to be perfect. If you are only going to be writing at the desk or using a laptop, you can get away with a shallower tabletop. However, if you will require a standalone monitor, filing trays, and all the other standard office fare, you will require more space.

Drawers, storage and cable organisers – clutter is an office Zen killer. Adequate storage for all the bits and pieces you need sometimes, but not all the time, as well as cable ties and hiders are important for helping maintain a clean, tidy, and ultimately productive office area.

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