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How to Embrace the Dopamine Decor Trend

You may have heard of the recent trend ‘dopamine dressing’, gaining popularity over the past few years. The pandemic, lockdowns and all-around unprecedented change of the world led to people looking for a way to brighten their days–dressing in a way that makes them happy, full of bright colours and playful, childlike fun.

The pandemic made a lot of us wonder if we enjoy spending time at home–not so much what we do at home, but more if our spaces make us feel happy and are an accurate representation of ourselves and our interests. This is where dopamine decor comes in.

In the article, we’ll discuss some ways to incorporate more dopamine-releasing touches into your home.

What is Dopamine Decor?

In short, dopamine decor is a trend that encourages us to fill our spaces with colours, patterns and decor that makes us happy. For example, think back to your bedroom as a kid. If you have full control of your decoration, it was probably filled with things that you loved, from posters of your favourite band, your teen heartthrob, colourful cushions and beaded curtains–things that made you happy! 

Happiness starts at home. Despite dopamine decor being a recent trend, it really is the anti-trend, where there are no rules to follow. In saying that, there are ways you can incorporate elements to achieve a more dopamine-fuelled home. Essentially, when dopamine decorating, every nook and cranny of your space gives you a little serotonin boost. This can look different for everyone. One way to interpret dopamine decor is to use colours, patterns and furnishings that make you feel happier–whether that’s a monochrome room of dark red or bright colours and bold patterns. 

You can start small, adding a few bits and bobs, like wall art you love and a coloured piece of furniture. Then you can slowly commit to a space full of happiness-inducing home decor.

Ultimately, a dopamine decor space should reflect you and what you truly want your space to look like, away from the influence of other decor trends, like minimalism or boho (unless, of course, this is what makes you happy!). Dopamine decor is unique and personal to everyone, as we all have a different makeup of what makes us happy. 

Understanding Dopamine

At first glance, the name ‘dopamine decor’ might sound odd. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter known as the “feel-good” chemical, and it plays a crucial role in our brain’s reward and pleasure systems. These systems influence our motivation, learning and mood. When dopamine is released, we experience feelings of happiness, excitement and contentment. By incorporating joyful elements into our living space that triggers the release of dopamine, we can create an environment that overall enhances our mood and well-being.

Dopamine Decor Ideas

If you want to transform your home and create a space that promotes joy, positivity, creativity and well-being, we’ve got you covered. Even though there are no real rules to dopamine decor, there are plenty of design principles you can incorporate that are known to boost mood and evoke positive feelings, like natural light, colour and personal touches.

Play With Colour

We all know colour can have a significant impact on our mood and emotions. The colours in your space can affect how you feel day to day.

Commonly, certain colours evoke specific feelings, although this can differ from culture to culture.


Blue is often associated with tranquillity, relaxation and calmness. Surround yourself with blue to help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Go for blue decor in spaces you use to unwind.


Green is often associated with nature, bringing balance, harmony and a sense of renewal to a space. Soothing, green promotes a sense of well-being and is also connected to enhanced concentration and creativity. Go for green for a soothing effect.


Pink is mostly associated with comfort, affection and playfulness, depending on the shade. Brighter shades can uplift the energy in an instant, whereas softer pinks bring a calm feel to a space. Decorating with soft pinks for a soothing effect and bright, bold pinks to bring a more playful energy home.


Red is vibrant and bold, often associated with energy, passion and excitement. Use more red decor in the living room or dining room for a stimulating and dynamic environment.


Bright and cheerful, yellow is associated with happiness, optimism and positivity. Yellow brings a sense of warmth and brightness and is known to help increase energy levels and stimulate mental activity. Opt for yellow decor in the kitchen, dining area or living room to bring in more energy,


Combining the energy of red and the cheerfulness of yellow, orange brings warmth to any space. Orange is often associated with stimulating creativity, enthusiasm and social interaction. Opt for orange in lively areas, like the living room.


Purple can bring a luxurious, creative and spiritual feel to the home. It can have a calming effect and promote a sense of introspection and relaxation. Light shades of purple, like lavender and lilac, help promote a serene atmosphere, while darker shades add a touch of elegance. Purple decor works great in bedrooms, meditation spaces, or rooms you usually relax and unwind,

Make Common Items More Playful

Who said the items you use at home every day have to be boring? It seems there’s some sort of unspoken rule in which everyday things (whether it’s a bathmat, kettle, watering can or lamp) should be purely for practicality. Have you ever heard that it doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as it does the job?

This is true to some extent–we need our everyday products to work well. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with everyday items in your home, especially when you want to cultivate a joyful space.

Switch up your everyday routine by bringing in more fun and playful elements to your home. Dopamine decor is all about getting that release of happiness–so why not extend that to every room in the house?


The bathroom doesn’t need to be a dull space, only for practical purposes. Bring a little more joy with colourful towels, bath mats and shower curtains.

Living Room

When it comes to dopamine decorating your living room, the world is your oyster! From unique accent chairs to colourful rugs and coffee tables, there is plenty of opportunity to bring in more life and colour.


The bedroom is the space you unwind, relax, unwind and rest, but this doesn’t mean you have to stick to minimalism and neutral tones! Make your bedroom your sanctuary and a true representation of you. Buy sheet sets, quilt covers and cushions in your favourite colours, decorate with wall art and get creative when choosing your bedroom furniture!


You may not have, or want, a whole lot of decor in your kitchen, but you can bring in plenty of colour with your cookware, appliances and drinkware. Consider a coloured toaster and kettle set or pastel-toned coffee machine and create a small collection of mugs and glasses you love.

Set the Mood With Lighting

Lighting has a remarkable ability to influence our mood and energy levels. From the warm lighting of candles and lamps to natural light seeping through your curtains in the morning, you can help influence your mood with the help of various lighting sources.

Natural light is incredibly important for the well-being of all of us. Make sure your home gets ample natural light. Additionally, use a variety of other light sources to create different moods and atmospheres. Consider warm and soft lighting, such as warm LED bulbs and candles to help create a cosy environment. You can even add more colour to your home with smart lights, allowing you to change the colour of the bulb with a smart device.

Don’t Forget Textural and Sensory Stimulation

When dopamine decorating, consider the senses of touch and smell. Cosy furnishings, soft blankets and visually interesting textures do wonders for our well-being and stimulation. To stimulate the touch sense, incorporate different textures for that dopamine-boosting effect, such as soft and plush materials like velvet, faux fur and boucle. You can also boost your dopamine levels at home by appealing to the smell sense with scented candles and essential oils that make you feel best.

Add Personal Touches

You know the saying, ‘a house is not a home’? Personal touches help create a space that truly feels like home.

Dopamine decor is all about feeling joy at home, and what better way than to add personal touches around your home? Whether you choose to display photos, sentimental items or art you connect to, keeping your home personal is a way to feel at home. Not only do personal touches homely, but they will add a unique sense of character to your space.

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