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how to make a cosy home

How To Make a Cosy Home

We often refer to our home as cosy, but what does cosy home interior style mean? This particular style refers to the use of warm colours, patterns and textures that are combined to make your home look inviting and lived-in. The objective of this interior style is to make your home feel as warm as it can be especially during the winter months. So, if you’re wondering how to create a cosy home where you can relax and rejuvenate, keep on reading.

Understanding Cosy Home Interiors

There really is nothing complicated about cosy home decoration. It is a style that incorporates elements such as warm colours, soft lighting, plush textures, rounded patterns and natural elements. Creating a space that is all about comfort, relaxation and personal connection is key to cosy home interiors. Individual preferences are very important with this style because it is an interior that can easily be incorporated with other interior styles like rustic or traditional.

A cosy home should be the perfect balance of varying textures, negative space and a clutter-free environment. Making your home cosy also comes with the addition of furniture that perfectly combines comfort and style. Along with that, storage furniture is also important to minimise clutter. 

Cosy home interiors go beyond looks. It is focused on creating an environment that is nurturing, happy and most importantly, cosy!

How To Make a Cosy Home

We have got a few cosy home decoration ideas that should help you transform your home into a comfy paradise!

A Warm Colour Palette

Interior designers often use colour theory to appeal to our senses. Different colours tend to evoke different feelings and reactions within us. For this interior style, we want the feeling of warmth, hence we stick to a warm colour palette. 

Beige and browns are excellent choices especially when you want to go for a minimalist look. 

Yellow can be ideal for the living room if you have large windows and get a lot of sunlight. You can either paint the walls yellow and add a few yellow elements around the room or go for yellow decor and complement it with other warm colours.

Warm colours do not mean that your colour palette is limited. You can play with contrasting colours and combine warm and cool tones to create an interesting mix. Terracotta and rust are very warm colours and just a few accessories such as bedding, a runner or a vase in the room can instantly warm up the area.

You can also add warmth to the room by adding natural elements such as wooden side tables, wicker baskets and plants. The natural colours invoke a sense of warmth in the room.

Utilising Soft Lighting Options

Lighting is very important for any home. A dimly lit home is not good for your health and your mood. When it comes to creating a cosy space though, you need to think soft and warm. Look for lighting that is dimmable–smart lights are a great option for this. 

There are multiple ways of installing soft lighting in your home. You can always go for dimmable lights for the whole room and maybe have a lamp to illuminate one corner. Alternatively, you can opt for a ceiling lamp or two to be the focal point of the room. The intensity of the light remains in the centre of the room while the rest of the area is washed in a soft glow.

You can also opt for backlighting. Backlit rooms bring out that silhouette effect which can be very satisfying to look at. Bathrooms and bedrooms are perfect for backlighting since you don’t need these rooms to be the brightest in the house. However, if you really like backlighting, you can install two different types of lighting in a room and change it according to your mood every time.

Incorporating Natural Elements

The best way to make your home feel cosy is by incorporating some foliage as decoration in different rooms. Fresh flowers, terrariums and potted plants are excellent decorative items to cosy up your home. Plants and flowers are instant mood lifters and if you’re trying to create a relaxing space, adding some foliage won’t hurt.

Natural elements make your home look neat, warm and inviting. Wooden furniture, jute, rattan and wicker are great choices for furniture and accessories around the house. Whether you’re adding something as simple as a wooden bedframe or a rattan basket in the living room, it will immediately make the room look comfy. 

Enhancing Comfort with Cosy Textiles and Fabrics

Whether it is the living room, dining area, bedroom or study, choosing the right fabric and textiles can make a huge difference to the look and feel of these rooms. 

Rugs are a must-have if you are going for cosy home interiors. Soft and plush rugs are a great way to up the comfort levels of a room. You can opt for wool, shag, cowhide and sheepskin rugs

When it comes to fabrics you can’t go wrong with velvet and linen. While velvet gives you that soft and fuzzy feeling, the breathability of linen makes a room look fresh. Hence, we recommend a velvet sofa for the living room and linen bedding.

Don’t forget the drapery around the house. For the bedroom, you should go for curtains made of slightly thicker material because you don’t want too much light coming through. The living room could do with lightweight curtains that can let natural light through and flow if there is a light breeze. 

Adding Personal Touches and Sentimental Items

No amount of decoration and beautiful furniture will compare to items that have sentimental value. Photos are one of the best ways to personalise your home. Whether it is wedding photographs, vacation photos or family photos, walls adorned with these memories will instantly cosy up your home.

Many people like collecting things as a hobby. Pine cones, coins, stones, marbles, etc. can all be put on display around the house. They add a unique charm to your space and most importantly, they are meaningful. 

Paintings are a great way to cover up bare walls. If you have an artist in the family or you like to draw, sketch or paint, display it. 

How to Make Your Home Cosy for Winter and Autumn

Keep it seasonal. One of the most important factors about cosy living is that it should be updated according to the weather. For winter, we recommend adding a fireplace in the living room. You can opt for an electric fireplace if an actual fireplace is not possible. This gives the room that extra boost of warmth.

For autumn, we suggest playing with colours and layering. With warm days and chilly nights, it can be hard to find the right balance when decorating your home. Layering is a great way to keep any room looking comfy. Knitted throws and extra throw cushions in the bed or on your couch will keep you feeling nice and snug. Also adding a pop of those classic autumn colours can do wonders for your room. We would recommend going for a colourful accent chair, cushions or throw.

Create a Reading Nook

This can be one place where you can sit and truly relax during your days off. An overhead lamp above a cosy armchair with a plush shag or wool rug underneath will be perfect. Surround yourself with your favourite books and if you want, you can always add some fairy lights to the area. A comfy European pillow and a knitted throw to complete the look are all you need to create your cute little reading nook.

Wood is Your Best Friend

We have mentioned before that natural elements are an important part of making your home look cosy. But wooden furniture is a must-have for this interior style. Wooden coffee tables, bedside tables, bed bases and dining tables can really soften the whole look of a room. For a lighter feel, opt for oak, ash or mango wood and for a deeper warmth, opt for mahogany and timber.

Fragrances For Your Home

Scents can really affect your mood. Along with snug textures and inviting decor, you can appeal to your olfactory senses by adding scented candles and diffusers. It is a very simple way to change the ambience of your home. Scents such as bergamot, vanilla and amber will be perfect for the colder seasons. 

Creating a Cosy Home

Refer to all the cosy home design and decoration ideas discussed in this article, but don’t forget to personalise these design ideas. You can make your home the cosiest place when you design it the way you like. 

Additionally, if you are looking for some more decor inspiration, check out our cosy living collection!

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