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how to style an accent chair

How To Style An Accent Chair

Picking the right furniture determines the overall style of the interiors of your home. Decorating your home involves a lot of different elements and bringing it all together is what takes up all your effort. This article will be focused on how to decorate with accent chairs. Whether you have an accent chair in the living room or bedroom, we can help you style the area in a way that suits you best. 

From matching an accent chair with the sofa to styling the one you have in your reading nook, we can offer tips on how to style your accent chair in different areas of the house.

How To Style an Accent Chair

There are multiple factors that affect the kind of chair you should get and how you should decorate it. While your budget and the accent chair’s location will help you determine the type of chair you should buy- material, colour, patterns, tones and design will decide how you decorate them.


When you’re going for a specific look for your room, choosing furniture based on materials makes the selection process a lot easier. If you have a velvet couch in the living room then pairing it with a velvet accent chair is the obvious choice. 

Natural materials such as wood and rattan look great with a number of interior design styles and can be placed in any room of your house. For the bedroom, we would recommend going for fabric chairs to enhance the snug and cosy look. Things get trickier with metal and leather. If you’re going for industrial-style interiors, then metal accent chairs would fit right in. Leather is best suited for a sleek-looking study room.

Choosing The Right Colour For The Right Look

Accent chairs are a great way to add a statement piece to a room. Adding an accent chair with vivid colours and eclectic patterns or designs can easily stand out in any room. They especially look good in the bedroom paired with plainer colours and tones.

On the other hand, you can go for neutral colours. Accent chairs don’t have to be the centre of attention in a room. Sometimes you just want all the colours to sit well together and not have any strong patterns and colours in the room. If you are going for a simple look but still want to incorporate some sort of pattern in the room, you can opt for stripes. Stripes are a classic pattern that goes with solid colours and adds visual texture to a room. You can also go for floral patterns if the stripes are a little too rigid for your style.

Change Things Up

One of the most common questions you would come across would be how to pair an accent chair with a sofa. While a popular suggestion would be to match the colours or materials, you can always go in a completely different direction. You don’t have to match your accent chair perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the room. 

Change textures by using wooden accent chairs that are upholstered with super fluffy cushions or an accent chair with a metal finish. The goal is to change things up with different pieces of furniture within the room. For example, a living room with a soft fabric couch, fluffy cushions and throws can be contrasted with a minimalistic wooden and wicker accent chair. 

How to Decorate With Two Accent Chairs

There are several ways of styling accent chairs. Whether you have extra space in your dining room, living area or lounge, a corner with two accent chairs is always a great idea. You can transform a corner of your space into a tea spot with two armchairs and a small coffee table. Try to place the two chairs near a window or even a balcony so you can enjoy the sunshine. For a setup like this, you should always go for matching armchairs.

Do Accent Chairs Have to Match Your Bed or Couch?

No, you don’t have to match your accent chair, especially in your bedroom. Matching the accent chair to the couch often balances the look of the living room but if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to match the two. 

For the bedroom, finding an accent chair that matches perfectly with your bed can be hard and it also makes your room look a little monotonous. You can either go for an accent chair that is completely different from the look, feel and colour of your bed or you can go for something more similar.

As seen in the image above, pairing a soft and cosy bed with a “slipper chair” maintains that soft look for the whole room. Slipper chairs are basically chairs that don’t have arms allowing you to put both your legs up and sit as comfortably as possible. 

How to Use Accent Chairs in a Living Room

Designing your living room is by far the most important part of decorating your house. Since it is the first room that your guests will see, it often tends to define the interiors for the rest of the house. For people who have a lot of space to cover, we recommend going for a big sofa and a couple of wingback chairs. 

There is something very regal about these chairs with their long back and winged sides. Choose a jewel-toned wingback for a vintage set-up. Pair it with wood and metal furniture for a complete look. 

On the other hand, you can go for a very simple design that is for everyday use and can go well with a minimalist or modern interior style. Opt for muted colours and pair them with glass, metal or wooden pieces for that perfect minimalist modern look.

Create a Relaxing Office Space

A home office needs to be a space where you can sit down and get the work done with no hindrances. Decorating your home office will make you feel good especially when you have to spend eight hours a day in there. While the work desk and office chair are the furniture pieces that are the focus of a home office, you should not forget about the rest of the space. Having an occasional armchair or accent chair can allow you to have seating for visitors or yourself when you want to take a break.

A cosy cushioned armchair with a throw and a soft rug or runner underneath will create the perfect home office space. Additionally, you can always use an accent chair instead of an office chair as seating for your workspace.

Style it the Way You Want

Accent chairs are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. You can find multiple ways to style these accent chairs in different rooms of your house. Whether you want to go for something bright and loud or something simple and neutral, you will easily find an accent chair to fit the bill. Play around with different ideas and find ways to incorporate this beautiful piece of furniture into your home. 

There are no rules about how and where an accent chair should be placed. you can use an accent chair as anything from a dining chair to a desk chair. It is a piece of furniture that combines functionality and style. Nobody is going to stop you from placing an upholstered armchair with your wooden study desk or a white boucle chair in your lounge area. You can either look for an accent chair that suits the interiors of the house or design the interiors around an accent chair–it’s your choice!

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