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Robotic Vacuum Buying Guide

What is a Robotic Vacuum?

Dreaming of a world where you can clean the house without lifting a finger? Robot vacuums have got your back. As technology continues to advance, smart devices are becoming more and more popular, and robotic vacuums are having their moment in the spotlight.

Robotic vacuums work by navigating around your home, cleaning your floors while you relax, go out or work on another household task. We all know cleaning, especially vacuuming, can be time-consuming and physically demanding, but household chores can also be inaccessible for many people. Robot vacuums make vacuuming your floors a breeze, so you can focus on other priorities.

With so many robotic vacuums on the market, it’s tricky to decide which is right for you. In this article, we’ll discuss the key factors to consider when buying a robot vacuum, so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you and your household. 

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How Do Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work?

Robot vacuums are cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery. They’re designed to clean your home with minimal help, learning their way around your home using sensors and cameras. Robotic vacuums learn the layout of your home the more they are used, with a few bumps along the way. The more you use your vacuum, the more efficient it will be at cleaning every nook and cranny of your home. 

Benefits of Robot Vacuums

So, you’ve been hearing about robot vacuums and noticed how popular they are, but are robot vacuums worth it? Short answer: yes. There are plenty of advantages to using a robotic vacuum. If you struggle to stay on top of household chores, for whatever reason, robotic vacuums can take a load off your mind. Here are some of the top benefits of switching to a robotic vacuum:

Vacuums for you: The biggest advantage of using a robot vacuum is they do all the work for you! If you’re busy or physically unable to vacuum, robotic vacuums are a game-changer.

Saves time: While your vacuum works its magic on your floors, you can concentrate on other priorities, whether it’s work, study, other chores or time with friends and family. Robotic vacuums are especially useful if you have a large home–a robot vacuum cleaner can save you a chunk of time. 

Energy efficient: Robotic vacuums use less energy than traditional vacuum cleaners, saving you morning on electricity bills over the long term.

Low maintenance: Robot vacuums require minimal maintenance–all that is required is you empty the dustbin when it’s full and occasionally clean the filter.

Eliminates physical strain: Traditional vacuuming is not accessible for many people. Opting for a robotic vacuum is a great option for those with injuries, chronic illness and low mobility.

Compact and easy to store: Compared with canister vacuums, bagged vacuums and stick vacuums, robot vacuums are small and compact, taking up very little space. 

Smart features: Pushing a vacuum may be the most straightforward way to clean your floors, but robotic vacuums are generally easy to control. With app integration, you can remotely control and monitor your robotic vacuum. You can also set up scheduled cleans every day.

How to Buy a Robot Vacuum

Before jumping in and buying a robotic vacuum, there are quite a few key factors to consider. From your budget to app privacy, it’s worth looking into a few different robotic vacuums to find one that suits you best. 

Consider Your Budget

The price of robotic vacuums can range anywhere from $100 to over $1,000. While more expensive robotic vacuums may come with additional features, like self-emptying and automatic docking, there are plenty of affordable options that will get the job done. Decide on a budget you’re comfortable with, and look for models within that range. 

Consider the Size of Your Home

The size of your home is something to consider when purchasing a robotic vacuum. For instance, if you have a small apartment, flat or one-story house, a basic model may be sufficient. On the flip side, if you have a large home with multiple levels, you may need a model with a large dustbin, self-emptying features, long battery life and more advanced navigation technology to make sure it can clean every nook and cranny of your home.

Smart Navigation Technology

Navigation technology is the ‘brain’ behind robotic vacuums. Look for a model with smart navigation technology, including laser mapping and camera-based navigation to make sure your robotic vacuum can map out your home and clean it efficiently. Some models even allow you to create virtual boundaries so you can prevent your vacuum from cleaning certain areas of your home. Make sure to leave your home as clutter-free as possible to prevent bumping. 

Battery Life and Recharge Time

Consider the size of your home when deciding what kind of battery life you need for your robotic vacuum. If you have a larger home, look for a model with a battery life that is long enough to clean your entire home in one go; ideally up to an hour. Also, consider the recharge time. Some models can take several hours to recharge, which can be inconvenient if you’re hoping to clean your entire house in one go. 

Smart Features and App Control

Most robotic vacuums come with smartphone apps so you can control them remotely. With an app, you can schedule cleaning times, control your vacuum’s movement, and even receive notifications when the dustbin needs to be emptied. 

App Privacy

If you’re concerned about privacy, make sure to read the privacy policy of the app your vacuum uses for navigation. There you can find the date and information the robot vacuum collects. For instance, most robotic vacuums need location data for room mapping, but there may be a setting to ensure the map is kept on your robotic vacuum and not sent to the manufacturer. Some models have camera detection, so if privacy is a concern, keep them out of sensitive or private areas of the home using a ‘virtual wall. 

Automatic Docking

Some models will find their way back to the charger and dock when the battery is low, which can save you from bringing it back to the charger or checking up on its battery during cleaning. 

HEPA Filters

If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma or another respiratory condition, look for a robotic vacuum that uses HEPA filters. These filters are designed to trap small particles like dust mites, pollen and pet dander, which can heighten allergic reactions.

Suction Power and Brushes 

The efficiency of robotic vacuums depends on the brush system and suction power. Opt for a model with high-quality brushes. If you have pets at home, the best robot vacuum for pet hair is one with brushes designed specifically to pick up pet hair. When it comes to cleaning efficiency, you’ll want a model with strong suction power, especially if you have carpets.

Dustbin Capacity

Consider the size of the dustbin before buying a robotic vacuum. If you have a small space, a smaller dustbin may be sufficient for you. If you have a large home, go for a robotic vacuum with a larger dustbin so you don’t need to empty it as often. 


Self-emptying features are becoming more popular in the world of robotic vacuums. Basically, this feature allows your robotic vacuum to self-empty its dustbin, so it can continue cleaning your home uninterrupted. This feature is especially useful for those living in large homes with multiple levels. 

Noise Level

Vacuum cleaners are often noisy, but some are louder than others. If you have young children or pets, look for a model with low noise levels. 

Stairs Detection

Most models at this point have a stairs detection feature, which helps the robotic vacuum sense when it’s reached a step. Stairs detection helps to prevent damage to your vacuum and your floors.

Are Vacuum Robots Worth It?

If you’re looking for a convenient way to clean your floors, a robotic vacuum is a great choice for you. With smart features like scheduled cleans, you don’t even need to think about when you’re going to vacuum next! If you have a house with pets or a home that requires frequent vacuuming, robotic vacuums are a great option for you. Ultimately, the more you spend on a robotic vacuum, the more advanced features you’ll get, but with so many models available now, there are plenty of budget models that can help keep your floor clean. 

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