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Let someone else do the vacuuming! Our range of robot vacuum cleaners will leave your floors spick and span without you lifting a finger.
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Cleaning Doesn't Have To Be Hard With Our Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Is regular vacuuming just not on your everyday agenda? Don't do the vacuuming yourself and get a robot to do it for you when you order with us! Our amazing range of robot vacuums is well-known for their high performance and innovative technology, so you can always trust that your cleaning needs will be met. We take cleaning seriously and aim to offer industry-standard products at competitive prices.

Our products are equipped with advanced sensor detection technology and virtual blockers in order to avoid collisions and minimise risks while cleaning. You can leave the robot to do the vacuuming without worry and control it from a distance due to its remote control capabilities. It can clean for you all day while only needing 3-4 hours of charging and will last you a long time. These robot vacuum cleaners are super powerful and the suction power will allow you to clean up every corner of the house with ease.

Let Someone Else Do The Cleaning

Vacuuming can sometimes be quite a tedious task. Constantly having to carry around a vacuum and getting down on your haunches to get to the corners can be tiring. This can also lead to problems like bad posture and backaches if you vacuum for long hours every few days. MyDeal is here to ensure that you don’t have to go through that ever again. Just turn this robot vacuum cleaner and let it roll around the house cleaning it up with ease.

Just like cleaning with robots, you don't need to lift a finger when ordering with us. We'll arrange your order for you and get it to your door, no matter where you are in Australia. All you need to do is make the order and set it up for use once it arrives.

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