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5 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Appear Larger

If you have a small bathroom , here are five ways you can make it look a little bigger!

If you have a small bathroom, it can be a real hassle to make it appear larger. Here are five ways you can make your small bathroom look larger, without having to renovate.

Stick To Similar Tones
Victoria + Albert Baths offer their advice for making a small bathroom appear larger. “Try to keep the same or similar tones. For example, avoid dark walls with lighter tiles as this will give the illusion of a cut off space, making the room appear smaller. Opt for lighter colours, such as white, pastels or greys, which are light reflecting and give the illusion of a grander area. If you choose white, be sure to have some visual impact with a feature item at the end room to draw the eye, elongate the area and avoid leaving the room looking too sterile” Find out more about Victoria + Albert Baths by following them on Twitter and Instagram.

Avoid Large Accessories
Large accessories in the bathroom can make it appear cluttered, unorganised and out of proportion. This can include shower curtains with busy patterns, huge shower heads and clunky storage solutions. Instead, stick to amenities such as a clear glass shower screens and modern bathroom tapware that is flattering in size and colour theme. It will flatter the rest of the bathroom and keep everything in proportion, thus making it appear larger.

It’s All Smoke And Mirrors
Mint360Property share their expert advice for faking a larger bathroom. “Using mirrors is a common tactic to create a sense of greater space in any room and the bathroom is no different. Large frameless mirrors help create a greater sense of depth, or go one further and create an entire mirror wall to enhance the illusion.” Find out more about Mint360Property by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Eliminate All Clutter
A bathroom with less clutter automatically appears larger. Hide any and all clutter such as shampoo bottles, hair dryers and knick knacks in drawers, or in open shelves. Open shelving opens up a room, as closed shelves and cupboards hide areas of the walls and keep the room looking closed off.

Stay On Trend
The BlueSpace offer their expert advice for making a small bathroom look bigger and on trend. “Right on trend and with many style options available, if you don’t have the room for double shower heads or want the additional plumbing cost, try a dual head shower on a rail. Combining an overhead rain shower with a hand shower you can get the luxury showering experience (and practical too) without the huge footprint of a double shower space. A concealed toilet is a must in a small space. Saving you significant space by hiding the cistern in the wall, these toilets also look beautiful and streamlined with button options to suit any style. If you are worried about future serviceability don’t be, your plumber can access everything from the button panel, so they will last the test of time.” Find out more about the BlueSpace by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Small bathrooms can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, they can be small, but they have everything you need all in the one place. With some strategic planning and design, you can make your small bathroom look larger.

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