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Small Tweaks to Change Your Bedroom in a Big Way

Make small tweaks to your bedroom and change it up for something different.

Bedroom makeovers don’t have to be big or expensive and just a few minor adjustments can give your space a fresh feel. Decorating can feel like a never-ending ordeal, with always something else to buy or change. The following updates will help keep your bedroom feeling like your sanctuary, stopping it becoming stale, stuffy or dated.


The top 6 tips for bedroom rejuvenation

1. Pillows and cushions are an inexpensive way to add colour and comfort to your bedroom. Choose colours and patterns than accentuate and stand out from each other and your existing décor, to create difference and interest. A bed can never have too many cushions or pillows and they are great for sitting up reading or having breakfast in bed.

2. Create your own lampshades and room accents from fabrics, prints, colour, and wall decals. You don’t need to buy new shades or repaint or paper the walls to add a little personality to your bedroom. The addition of little touches here and there will give your room new life – try recovering an old lampshade with just a piece of fabric and a hot glue gun. Wall decals are everywhere and ideal for turning a bland wall into something eye-catching.

3. Re-carpeting is costly, time consuming, and not practical for renters. By adding a large rug to your bedroom floor you will achieve the change you are looking for quickly and easily. Rugs vary in price but relatively inexpensive yet tasteful ones can be found in most home stores.

4. Your computer, phone and camera are full of inexpensive artwork, just dying to make the leap from the hard drive to your home. Print out large copies of your favourite pictures and have them framed. It’s the perfect way to make your home truly original at a fraction of the cost of buying someone else’s artwork.

5. Remove or add a piece of furniture – if you have a seat or a couch in the bedroom, put it elsewhere in the house, and vice versa. The décor of any room should be fluid and too often we feel trapped into keeping a room a certain way because that’s the way it has always been. Taking out something large, whether it is used or not, will give the room an entirely different feel, opening up other possibilities for bed and dresser positioning.

6. If in doubt, upgrade your bed. While it may seem like a large and expensive undertaking, the bed can often be overlooked when redecorating. Whether you simply want a new bed the same as you already have, or want to move to a queen bed and mattress or bigger, changing the piece of furniture you spend 8 hours a day lying on will make a big difference to how you feel about your bedroom.

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