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Top 5 Ways to Re-Vamp Your Child’s Bedroom

Here are 5 awesome ways to amp up your child's bedroom.

While there are many reasons to give your kid’s bedroom a change, whether they’ve outgrown the décor or are too big for the bed, it doesn’t have to be costly. A few simple fixes could take the bedroom from something a 5-year-old would love, to the mature and sophisticated space of an 8-year-old.

1. Give the furniture a new lease of life

While their toddler sized bed will need to be replaced with adult size single bed and mattress at some point, there is no need to spend a lot of money buying other furniture if you can salvage the existing. A few coats of paint and splashes of their favourite colours will give your child a fresh view of their boring old room. Don’t be afraid to use crazy shades, the brighter the better as this will make the room seem bigger and lighter.

2. Add wall art and big, fun stickers

Decals have come a long way and become more intricate and wondrous. There are so many to choose from that finding one your child will love will be great fun, whether it’s their favourite superhero, animal, cartoon character or movie scene. They are easy to apply and are self-adhesive, making them ideal for placing over any marks or dents in the walls and turning a stale room into something fresh and exciting.

3. Create lampshades for interesting illumination

Lighting can be an expensive investment but with just a few pieces of fabric, tired lampshades can shine. By forming a patchwork of different patterns and fabrics around an existing lampshade, you can create a great looking piece that only gets better once the sun goes down and the light goes on. Your kids will love the patterns and colours cast on the walls, whether you decorate a freestanding or table lampshade, or a ceiling mounted fixture.

4. Freshen up with fun fabrics

While we are talking fabric and patterns, a new quilt cover on the bed will immediately give their room a lift. Take them shopping and let them choose the one they love the most, or if you are handy with the sewing machine, buy the fabric and make it yourself. Getting the kids involved will ensure they love their new bed cover now, and in the future.

5. Mural magic for a truly bespoke space

Not for the faint hearted, turning one of your kid’s walls into a carpet to ceiling mural is the perfect alternative to boring wallpaper. Not practical for renters, unless your landlord is particularly easy going, it’s a simpler option that trying to paint or wallpaper perfectly and great fun. As the kids get older they can add to it, start again, or just paint over it.

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