3x Otostick Adult Prominent Ear Corrector

3x Otostick Adult Prominent Ear Corrector

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Otostick® is a small, practically invisible silicone prosthesis which keeps the ear close to the head using a specially developed hypoallergenic adhesive. It is discreet and painless, does not require a prescription, and can be used continuously, or just for specific occasions or to a particular hairstyle.

What’s in the Box?
3 Boxes of Otostick Prominent Ear Corrector ENGLISH VERSION
24 units or 12 Pairs of Otostick Ear Correctors

Key Benefits

– Hypoallergenic

– Transparent and practically invisible in use

– Natural appearance

– Instant results

– Use as often or as little as you choose

– Can be used on one or both ears as needed

-- Otostick® stays in place from 3 to 7 days if correctly applied (area cleanse and dried well before applying and not sweating or making it wet for minimum 4 hours after application) * depending on body one's chemistry

Otostick® corrects and prevents excessive separation of the ear, giving a very natural appearance. Each corrector can remain in place for up to 7 days if correctly applied, you can even bathe, swim and carry on with all your usual activities. They can be used as needed, are painless to remove and have no side effects or irreversible effects. Otostick® can be used from 3 years old and above. Quick and easy to use, Otostick® has an immediate effect, helping you and your loved ones to instantly feel more confident about your appearance.

How do I use Otostick?

It’s really important to position Otostick correctly, and best if you can get someone to help you to start with.

Clean the area behind the ear and on the scalp thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based cleanser or toner to remove all dirt, grease, and moisture from the skin. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ENSURE THE AREA BEHIND THE EAR IS TOTALLY CLEAN, DRY AND FREE OF OIL OR GREASE BEFORE APPLYING OTOSTICK.

BEFORE REMOVING THE PAPER FROM THE OTOSTICK, find the best position for the corrector to give the desired effect. The corrector should be applied to an area of the head with no hair for best results.

Remove the paper protectors from one side of the otostick prosthetic taking care not to touch the adhesive surface. Apply with firm pressure to the exact point of the ear identified to give the desired result. Ensure all edges of the corrector are well stuck down.

Finally, remove the protective paper from the other side of the corrector and, making sure all hair is out of the way, push the ear straight back with firm pressure against the head. Again, ensure all edges are fully stuck down.

It’s IMPORTANT that you do not sweat or make it wet for 4 Hours minimum after you place the corrector to make it last, you can continue with your normal activities, including sport or taking a shower or bath.

The corrector should stay in place for between 3 and 7 days depending on the user’s ear shape, skin type and time needed to adapt to the product.

After 7 days maximum, remove the corrector and allow the skin to breathe overnight before reapplying Otostick the next morning following the same steps used earlier.

Otostick is a product that can be used continuously or just for special occasions or to suit particular hairstyles. It is a disposable product and each corrector is designed to last approx. one week. Otostick can be worn for showers, baths, swimming, exercise, sport etc. Each pack of 8 is approximately one month’s treatment.

A short adjustment period (not exceeding two months) may be required for the user to become comfortable with the new ‘corrected’ ear position. It may also take time for the person applying the product to learn how to place it correctly in accordance with the instructions. Otostick may remain in place for less time than normal during this period, although not in all cases.

Medical Device Class 1 TGA

GTIN: 8437010702129

Shipping Details

  • Please allow 48 hours to despatch your order. Standard delivery is 2-14 business days. PLEASE ADD a few business days if you are in rural area.

  • We ship Australia wide

Returns Policy

Returns are only accepted in the case of breakage, faulty goods or some kind of defect or mistake in the order made by Otostick Australia.

The Customer needs to check the status of the packaging and that the delivery is correct according to the order placed.

For the returned goods to be admitted, the product and its packaging must be in perfect conditions and include all accessories and original documents. The returned article must be properly packaged when sent.

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  • I have one ear that sticks out. These correctors are brilliant. They stick well and last for about 6 days. I don't have any reaction from the adhesive and you cannot feel the corrector at all when it's in place. Great product.

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