Review Policy & Guidelines

On MyDeal, we allow customers who have purchased a product to submit a review of that product. We manage reviews in accordance with this policy, and we understand how important reviews are to customers in helping them decide if a product is right for them, and we commit to ensuring that we publish all reviews that comply with this policy to ensure our customers receive accurate information about products they buy.

We do reserve the right to remove or refuse to publish any reviews that do not comply with this policy.

  1. Reviews can only be provided for a product a customer has purchased (and used) on MyDeal. We do not allow reviews for products that have not been purchased on our site, even if it is the same or a similar product.
  2. Reviews must be objective, relevant and relate to the specific product being reviewed. Any reviews that we reasonably believe could be misleading, provided in bad faith or otherwise do not comply with this policy will not be published or removed.
  3. Reviews must:
    • only be relevant to the specific product which is the subject of the review, and not contain any views or opinions on unrelated products or services (for example, shipping speed or seller communications);
    • must not be induced, solicited, threatened or manipulated in any way that biases a positive or negative review (for example: where a customer threatens a seller with a negative review to achieve an outcome in a dispute or where a seller offers a customer a discount or other inducement to receive a positive review);
    • must not be made by sellers or other parties with commercial interest in a particular product having a positive (or negative) review. This includes any sellers, suppliers, distributors or brand owners;
    • must not contain any foul or defamatory language, or anything that we reasonably deem rude or offensive; and
    • not themselves contain personal information about any individual.
  4. By submitting a review, customers agree to comply with the review policy above and these terms and conditions.
  5. Any customer who submits a review agrees and assigns to MyDeal (E-Com (Aus) Pty Ltd ABN 60 150 104 715) (“MyDeal”) all intellectual property rights (including any copyright) in the review and review content, and irrevocably consents to any conduct by MyDeal that constitutes an infringement of any moral rights in the review content provided to MyDeal.
  6. MyDeal does not endorse the content of any review, and all views expressed in reviews are the views and the opinions of the author and the author alone.To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither MyDeal nor its related bodies corporate will be liable to customers or any third parties for any review material which is published on our website that has been submitted by customers. The author of any review submitted to MyDeal for publication agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MyDeal against any loss, damage, claim, demand, suit or action incurred by MyDeal arising directly or indirectly from any review content published on MyDeal.