Auto 8 Alternator for Toyota Hilux RN85R RN90R 2.4L 22R 1988 - 1997

Auto 8 Alternator for Toyota Hilux RN85R RN90R 2.4L 22R 1988 - 1997

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MakeModelSeriesEngineYears (mm/yy)
DaihatsuCharadeG101.0L 3cyl Petrol - 993cc01/80 - 12/80
DaihatsuCharadeG101.0L 3cyl Petrol - 993cc04/80 - 01/82
DaihatsuCharadeG101.0L 3cyl Petrol - CB2303/82 - 03/84
DaihatsuCharadeG101.0L 3cyl Petrol - CB2304/80 - 02/84
DaihatsuDeltaV1072.2L 4cyl Petrol - 4Y-C01/87 - 12/98
DaihatsuDeltaV1082.2L 4cyl Petrol - 4Y-C01/87 - 12/96
DaihatsuDeltaV1082.2L 4cyl Petrol - 4Y-EC01/97 - 12/98
DaihatsuDeltaV302.0L 4cyl Petrol - 5R01/83 - 12/84
DaihatsuDeltaV342.0L 4cyl Petrol - 5R01/83 - 12/84
John DeereSkid Steer5751.8L 4cyl Diesel - 4TN8201/87 - 12/95
John DeereSkid Steer675/B1.8L 4cyl Diesel - 4TN8201/87 - 12/95
John DeereTractor7550.9L 3cyl Diesel - 3T7201/86 - 12/98
John DeereTractor8551.0L 3cyl Diesel - 3TN7501/86 - Onward
John DeereTractor8561.0L 3cyl Diesel - 3TN7501/86 - Onward
KomatsuForkliftFG154.0L 6cyl Petrol - P01/80 - Onward
ToyotaCelicaRA232.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R06/76 - 07/77
ToyotaCelicaRA232.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R-C06/76 - 07/77
ToyotaCelicaRA282.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R06/76 - 07/77
ToyotaCelicaRA282.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R-C06/76 - 07/77
ToyotaCelicaRA402.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R08/77 - 07/81
ToyotaCelicaRA402.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R-C08/77 - 07/81
ToyotaCelicaRA602.0L 4cyl Petrol - 21R-C08/81 - 09/83
ToyotaCoasterRB20R2.4L 4cyl Petrol - 22R01/83 - 12/91
ToyotaCoronaRT1332.0L 4cyl Petrol - 21R-C01/82 - 01/83
ToyotaCoronaRT401.5L 4cyl Petrol - 2R09/64 - 01/70
ToyotaCoronaRT801.5L 4cyl Petrol - 2R02/70 - 01/71
ToyotaCoronaST1412.0L 4cyl Petrol - 2S-C04/83 - 04/87
ToyotaCressidaMX322.6L 6cyl Petrol - 4M03/77 - 09/80
ToyotaCrownMS832.6L 6cyl Petrol - 4M11/74 - 08/79
ToyotaCrownMS852.6L 6cyl Petrol - 4M11/74 - 08/79
ToyotaDynaRU102.0L 4cyl Petrol - 5R08/68 - 07/77
ToyotaDynaRU122.0L 4cyl Petrol - 5R08/68 - 07/77
ToyotaDynaRU152.0L 4cyl Petrol - 5R08/68 - 07/77
ToyotaDynaRU20R2.0L 4cyl Petrol - 5R01/83 - 12/84
ToyotaDynaRU302.0L 4cyl Petrol - 5R08/77 - 07/84
ToyotaDynaYU62R2.2L 4cyl Petrol - 4Y-C01/87 - 12/90
ToyotaHiluxRN105R2.4L 4cyl Petrol - 22R08/88 - 07/97
ToyotaHiluxRN106R2.4L 4cyl Petrol - 22R08/88 - 07/97
ToyotaHiluxRN110R2.4L 4cyl Petrol - 22R08/88 - 07/97
ToyotaHiluxRN41R2.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R08/78 - 06/83
ToyotaHiluxRN46R2.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R01/79 - 06/83
ToyotaHiluxRN41R2.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R-C08/78 - 06/83
ToyotaHiluxRN46R2.0L 4cyl Petrol - 18R-C01/79 - 06/83
ToyotaHiluxRN85R2.4L 4cyl Petrol - 22R08/88 - 07/97
ToyotaHiluxRN90R2.4L 4cyl Petrol - 22R08/88 - 07/97
ToyotaHiluxYN56R1.8L 4cyl Petrol - 2Y-C08/87 - 07/88
ToyotaHiluxYN57R2.0L 4cyl Petrol - 3Y-C08/83 - 07/87
ToyotaHiluxYN58R2.2L 4cyl Petrol - 4Y-C08/87 - 07/88
ToyotaHiluxYN65R2.0L 4cyl Petrol - 3Y-C08/83 - 07/85
ToyotaHiluxYN67R2.2L 4cyl Petrol - 4Y-C08/85 - 07/88
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1.8L 4cyl Petrol - 2Y-C08/88 - 07/91
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1.8L 4cyl Petrol - 2Y-C08/91 - 07/97
ToyotaForklift3FD333.6L 6cyl Diesel - H01/72 - 12/80
ToyotaForklift3FD353.6L 6cyl Diesel - H01/72 - 12/80
ToyotaForklift3FD403.6L 6cyl Diesel - H01/72 - 12/80
ToyotaForklift3FD453.6L 6cyl Diesel - H01/72 - 12/80
ToyotaForklift3FD503.6L 6cyl Diesel - H01/72 - 12/80
ToyotaForklift3FD603.6L 6cyl Diesel - H01/72 - 12/80
ToyotaForklift3FG-334.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F01/84 - 12/88
ToyotaForklift3FG-354.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F01/84 - 12/88
ToyotaForklift3FG-404.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F01/84 - 12/88
ToyotaForklift3FG-454.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F01/84 - 12/88
ToyotaForkliftFG-454.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F01/84 - 12/88
ToyotaForklift02-2FG201.6L 4cyl Petrol - 4R01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift02-2FG251.6L 4cyl Petrol - 4R01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD2.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD102.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD142.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD152.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD202.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD252.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD302.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift2FD302.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/76 - Onward
ToyotaForklift3FD2.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/78 - Onward
ToyotaForklift3FD104.0L 6cyl Diesel - 2H01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift3FD354.0L 6cyl Diesel - 2H01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift3FD404.0L 6cyl Diesel - 2H01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift4FD252.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift5FD304.0L 6cyl Diesel - 2H01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForklift80-3FD251.5L 4cyl Diesel - V1503-T01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD202.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD252.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD302.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD303.0L 4cyl Diesel - B01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD702.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD703.0L 4cyl Diesel - B01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD722.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFD723.0L 4cyl Diesel - B01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFDT252.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftFDT253.0L 4cyl Diesel - B01/80 - Onward
ToyotaForkliftJY302.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/80 - Onward
ToyotaExcavatorSD72.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/83 - Onward
ToyotaExcavatorSDT122.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/83 - Onward
ToyotaExcavatorSDT152.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/83 - Onward
ToyotaExcavatorTD202.5L 4cyl Diesel - 2J01/83 - Onward
ToyotaLandcruiser BunderaFJ70R4.0L 6cyl Petrol - 3F08/84 - 07/92
ToyotaLandcruiser BunderaRJ70R2.4L 4cyl Petrol - 22R08/84 - 07/92
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ40R3.9L 6cyl Petrol - F08/64 - 07/74
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ40R4.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F08/74 - 07/84
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ45R3.9L 6cyl Petrol - F08/66 - 07/74
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ45R4.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F08/74 - 07/84
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ55R3.9L 6cyl Petrol - F08/66 - 07/74
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ55R4.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F08/74 - 07/80
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ60R4.2L 6cyl Petrol - 2F08/80 - 07/84
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ62R4.0L 6cyl Petrol - 3F08/84 - 07/90
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ73R4.0L 6cyl Petrol - 3F08/84 - 07/92
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ75R4.0L 6cyl Petrol - 3F08/84 - 07/92
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ80R4.0L 6cyl Petrol - 3F-E08/89 - 07/92
ToyotaT-18TE721.8L 4cyl Petrol - 3T-C11/79 - 09/83
Adjustment Hole (mm)M8x1.25
Pivot Hole (mm)10
Adjustment to Pivot (mm)168
Pivot Length (mm)
Inside Feet To Feet (mm)76
Pulley (mm)70
No Of Grooves1A
GTIN: 9352831024559

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