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How to make a cinema at home

Creating A Cinema Room At Home

Watching movies is a fun and cozy experience. But what if you could enjoy the cinema experience at home? No, we are not talking about turning off the lights, connecting your headphones to your laptop and snuggling up in bed while your movie plays on a small screen. We are talking about a big screen, maybe even a projector, a studio-quality sound system, soundproofing panels on the wall, dimming lights and more. You can have the perfect cinema setup at home with our help. Just follow along with this article for some tips and suggestions on how to make a cinema at home!

Find The Right Space

It is important to have a dedicated space for your at-home cinema. You will need a space that doesn’t have too many windows and is as far as possible from your bedroom. This is why we usually recommend the attic if there is enough space, or the basement. These two areas in the house usually don’t get a lot of natural light and are away from the rest of the rooms making them the ideal choice for an at-home cinema.

How Does This Sound?

When it comes to the sound system for a cinema-like setup, you need to go all out. Recreating the surround system at home is not easy but doable. Moreover, you need to create a space where sound doesn’t travel out too much as well.

Soundproofing Panels

To prevent the sound from travelling outside the room you need effective soundproofing. A carpeted floor helps. But you need studio & recording equipment such as soundproofing panels. These should go in before you furnish the room and add lighting. Try to cover the walls with these panels and for the floor, you can cover it with a carpet or a rug. Only when this step is taken, you can consider adding your sound systems.

Soundbards & Subwoofers

High quality is a necessary requirement if you want to achieve the perfect experience. One of the popular choices is a soundbar. The best part about a subwoofer is that it can be connected to the projector through the Wifi making it much easier to control without you having to get up at all. Subwoofers are usually paired with soundbars for a cinema setup to add some bass. It is not a complete cinema experience until you feel the music under your feet. 

Surround Sound 

While you will need a little more time to install a surround sound system, it is not difficult as it sounds. You can purchase a speaker system that consists of a centre speaker, front speakers, surround speakers and a subwoofer. The centre is placed right under the screen and front speakers provide sound from both sides at the front. Surround speakers offer sound from both sides behind the seating area completing the circle of sound created in the room. Subwoofers as mentioned before, provide bass and hence are placed on the floor to have the maximum effect.

Time For The Screening

A cinema is incomplete without a screen. Whether it is a TV or a projector with a projector you need to make sure that you get the right products. As far as televisions are concerned, you should only consider them if you’re short on space. Remember the distance between the screen and the seating area before selecting a TV. A 55” flat-screen TV is the smallest size you can go for for the perfect cinematic viewing. On the other hand, a 75” Ultra HD 4K TV would be perfect if you have more space to cover.

If you have a lot of space to cover then a projector and projector screen are what you need. There are a wide variety of projectors that you can choose from, but getting one with Wifi connectivity might be the ideal option. You can either mount it on the ceiling or place it on a high shelf at the back of the room. For the projector screen, you need to have the exact measurements of the wall before you purchase it. 

Turn The Lights On!

Lighting is crucial in a cinema. Make sure that the room is glare-free, that is, there should be no reflective surfaces. Also, if despite your best efforts there is still a window in the room, we would suggest using blackout curtains to get rid of any natural light. You want it to be as dark as possible in this room. When creating your own at-home cinema, you need to pay special attention to the lighting. We recommend making your life easier by installing smart lights. They can be controlled through an app and you can easily do that without having to run to a switch every time. Moreover, smart LED lights with colour-changing technology will add drama to the room.

Backlighting is a great option if you don’t want there to be some sort of light while the movie plays. Adding smart lighting to your side panels and changing the colour to fit the mood will be perfect every time you watch a movie in there!

Let’s Get Cushy

The ideal seating for your cinema room depends on the amount of space you have and your personal preferences. The most popular choice for seating would be recliner chairs. Opt for chunky leather recliner chairs that are comfortable and perfect for putting your feet up. If you plan on lounging while watching your favourite holiday films, then consider getting a sofa cum bed. Decorate with some European pillows and a throw to complete the cozy seating arrangement and enjoy your films while you cuddle with a partner, friend or even your pet! 

You can also go for a large L-shaped sofa, lounge chairs or even floor chairs if that fits your style. Additionally, if you like the idea of a sofa in your home theatre but still want to have the comfort of a recliner chair, opt for reclining sofas.

A Few Extras

There are a few other things that you need to take care of when setting up your home cinema. 

Snacks Corner

If you have plenty of space in the room, then you can create a little snack corner. A simple display cabinet or sideboard would be a great way to keep your snacks stored. You can also have a little dining area with a high table and bar stools in a corner of the room. If you’re a little short on space, a small wall-mounted shelf or cabinet for snacks and a bar cart or a kitchen island trolley would be ideal. This way you will have access to drinks and snacks all the time as you watch your favourite movies.

One Device To Control Them All

Smart homes are a popular concept nowadays where you can use one device to control your phone, television, security systems and even the lights in your home. You can apply the same idea to your home cinema set-up. One smart home device in the room should be able to control the projector and the lights making it as cinema-like as you can.

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